If you had a celebrity's voice...

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Come here, let- me love you
Purred: Sun Apr 8, '07 7:18pm PST 
If you were in a movie or TV show, which celebrity would be your voice?
Daddy says Keifer Sutherland would be good for me!


I'm talking and- I can't shut up!
Purred: Sun Apr 8, '07 7:19pm PST 
Sophia Loren!


Let me take my- time
Purred: Sun Apr 8, '07 7:21pm PST 
Maybe Jimmy Stewart?


You'd better pet- me
Purred: Sun Apr 8, '07 7:24pm PST 
Demi Moore

Tocca Dolce- (Sweet- Touch)

You're HERE!- YAH!!!!
Purred: Sun Apr 8, '07 7:25pm PST 
Meg Ryan

Blue (Our- hearts are- broken)

Purred: Sun Apr 8, '07 7:26pm PST 
Bruce Willis laugh out loud

Spice- (1988-May- 27, 2005)

And I resent the- accusation...
Purred: Sun Apr 8, '07 8:44pm PST 
I had a voice I used for Spice her whole life, but it was my nephew who finally figured out who it was while he was watching "Gone With the Wind" with me one day: Hattie McDaniel as Mammie. As soon as he saw/heard her character, he said..."That's SPICE'S voice." I realized he was right immediately...and I had even given Spice that whole "hmmph" personality like Mammie's when she talked. Spice was already in kitty heaven by then, but we still talk in her voice sometimes...my nephew loves to say...
"It ain't fittin', it ain't fittin'."

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I'm Fusky! (I'm- furry and I'm- husky!)
Purred: Sun Apr 8, '07 9:06pm PST 
Phoebe's Mommy here:
Now, this is a harder one. When I lost Spice, I knew that any cat I got after her would HAVE to have a different voice.
When I got first Phoebe she had a whole "dummy dumb dumb" thing going. I mean, the old expression 'dumb as a box of rocks' kind of fit. Don't get me wrong, she was smart in many ways...learned the whole layout of the house and used her litterbox within one hour of her arrival home. But, everything else, any noise, item, seemed new and unknown to her. I figured she hadn't been exposed to too much prior to my adopting her.
I started her with a little girl voice and frequently said, "I'm a kitten," anytime she did something stupid. Other times, she would look at you with the "What-y????" expression. And if I heard her doing someting and called her name, I would usually answer for her, "NOTH-ing!!!!" When she is doing something bad, I have her say that "It's funny fun fun!"
I still use the little girl voice, and she has a little girl meow.
The irony is, she is HUGE compared to Spice who WAS a little girl who only spoke with her expressions (she did not meow) but I had given her that big, imposing, Hattie McDaniel voice.
I can't really place who is would sound like....maybe like a female version of Howie Mandel's little boy voice?


8 Lives Left?
Purred: Mon Apr 9, '07 1:25am PST 
Spencers Mummy Here: Spencer is a lovely affectionate boy but hes not overly bright at times so he has quite a dopey voice, it can also be quite high pitched as well at times for some reason! If he had a celebritys voice i think it would have to be David Beckham!


Come here, let- me love you
Purred: Mon Apr 9, '07 3:10am PST 
OMgosh! Phoebe's mom! That's hysterical! You mean the voice of Bobby, right? I SO get that!

Spencer, shame on you! Are you saying David Beckham isn't the brightest buln on the porch? hahahahaha! Well, you're just as handsome as Beckham, regardless.

Thanks for the answers!

Blue, Stella, Mew, Nico, Tocca, Ava and Dash's mom!

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