Help with middle names.

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Sir Cairo Kiddenpuddin'

The Captain of- Lap Napping
Purred: Wed Apr 4, '07 6:56pm PST 
Hi Catster!

My brother Toulouse and I need middle names. When my humom first got me, she thought Cairo Khenti was nice, since I was the new "leader" (Khenti means leader in Egyptian) of my brother and my whole human family. I don't think she likes it anymore, but I really want to know what YOU would give me and my brother Toulouse as middle names! Our last name is comparable to Burk-larts-ire, although that's not really it. I broke it into syllables for you guys smile

-Cairo & Toulie


I'm bringing- sexy back
Purred: Wed Apr 4, '07 9:56pm PST 
I think middle names are tricky. Maybe that is why we don't have "official" ones. Mom will usually make up a nickname for our middle names like Diego Fluffybottom or something completely embarassing like that.

Good luck on your search for the perfect middle name.

Mr. Echo

Purred: Mon Apr 9, '07 7:28pm PST 
I think my middle name is "littelschitt". I'm pretty sure it's German, I just don't know what it means.


Raven goddess
Purred: Wed Apr 11, '07 4:44am PST 
My middle name is Fig Newton. Full name is Killmouski Fig Newton. My brother Fluffy doesn't have a middle name--Mom says Fluffy pretty much sums him up.