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My mom & dad found a pair of cats that are really attached to each other. They don't want to take just one of them. Is 4 too many? Will there be enough love for all of us? Will the house stink? Will we all fight? Will it be hard to tell which one of us is sick?shock


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I think sofrown

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How many would be too many I think would depend on how much space you have and what you can afford. Do you have a place where they can each have their own space and not be crowded? You also want to think about expenses. Imagine all four of them got sick at the same time, could you afford the vet bills?

If you can say yes to both questions, then four might not be too many.

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We're a family of four cats, two that we didn't want to separate when we got them (Tabby and Carbon) and two littermates (Skylar and Lydia). We do just fine. We've got an automatic litterbox, and just watch it to see who does what so that we can tell for health problems. You do have to make sure to brush more often, because it's four times the hair, and they'll lick each other so hairballs are sometimes from others' hair instead of their own. Like someone else said, make sure they have their own quiet space that no one else gets to, and that they feel secure in, and that you can pay for vet bills. We've done fine for a year and a half now, with two now-1 1/2 year olds and two 7-year olds in a two bedroom house (inside cats, all of them). Also, you'll be sharing the bed with all of them, not just the current two!

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Every cat owner is different just like every cat is different. One cat is too many for some people. My motto is "if you know how many you have, you don't have enough" Seriously, only you can answer those questions. Only you know what you're capable of taking care of. Only you know how much time you are willing to devote to them. Your house will only stink if you allow it to.
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My Mommy has me and my brother, and we keep her on her toes. We take turns being sick and being crazy. She doesn't think she could honestly handle another one right now. But she agrees with everyone else-you have to answer that question. Mom probably has enough love and affection for all the cats in the world, but it's the more realistic things that make it more difficult to have multiples-space, time, money.


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My family is big, there are 7 of us. So to us 4 is not too many, but to some it may be.

I agree with what other cats have said, it all depends on if you have the resources that are needed for a big family.

Our mommy works at home so there is a lot of time for us. We go to the vet when we are sick or hurt, and we always have food, toys etc and we are never lonely with so many of us around.

Mommy is not wealthy by any means but we do okay. She knows that 7 is her limit though because any more and she would have a hard time making sure we all got what we needed. Whereas there are other people who have more than 7 and do just fine.

So it really just depends on the family and what you are comfortable with.

As far as fighting, when we first met each other there were hisses and yes there were some fights, that's why the introductions are so important and to make sure each kitty knows you love them. We still fight if the mood strikes us, but not a bad fight, more like a "get outta my face!" kind of stuff (like brothers and sisters do.) More often than not we nap together and play a lot. Of course some of us have paired up with one of our more favorites. Like me and Oliver are close. Oliver and Rico are close. So the three of us really like bathing each other and napping together.

Now the biggest thing that mommy has encountered is the litter pans. With 7 it's very important to find a good kitty litter and scoop often! We love, love, love Tidy Cats multiple cat litter.

So over all yes there will be spatting, and littler box issues, but these again depend on how much time you can give to them. Make sure you do what you are comfortable with. Mommy says she knows it's hard not to take all the kitties in and she would love to have a huge kitty sanctuary one day so there would be no more strays or unwanted pets, but unless she wins the lottery that won't happen MOL.


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most cat vets & people agree that 4 is the most before you get really problematic. We have had many ( we used to do foster work) and after a certain point you do get immune to the time to time spats and bad behaviors, but for us the happy # was 4. there are no hard and fast rules though, the personalities of the cats play the biggest role. good luck. you might want to invest in some Feloway just to be safe & make sure you have 1 box per c at.