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Purred: Thu Jan 25, '07 5:57am PST 
I am on a hunt for another cat, but I am looking for a specific personality type. My question is how can you tell when going to a shelter? I don't even care what the cat looks like, or even the age. I am looking for a mushy lap cat. I have learned that breeds don't seem to make a difference. Since this is my last addition to my home, I really want to make sure I really get what I am looking for. How can you tell that a cat at a shelter will be a lap cat? Is there anything in their actions I should look for? Just curious.


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Purred: Thu Jan 25, '07 6:49am PST 
Well... I think it will be difficult to tell since most shelter cats are already starved for lovin' and will be very affectionate when you hold them the first time. My most docile and loving cat is Pepper. You can hold him in all different positions and he doesn't care... in your arms, like a baby, over your shoulder, in your lap, etc. He loves it all. My youngest, on the other hand, HATES to be held and is the poster child for "Don't even think I will sit in your lap". Try holding the cat in different psotions. If they are squirmy and want to jump down and stuff like that I think it might be safe to say that they may not be lap cat.

Granted, this is just my observations from all the cats in my family. This could be complete malarky outside of my own family. I think the safest bet is to let the cat choose you.

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Great Point! When I was in the shelter, I let Mommy put me right in her lap. Now that I am settled, the most I will do is sit next to her.


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I went with my dad to choose a cat for my mom. There were three very similar looking kittens from one litter. One cat climbed my leg, another scratched my dad on the hand, and the third was the only one that I held onto the WHOLE time and he didn't want to do anything but nurse on our buttons! Since having him, he has been the biggest love. He loves to play as well as to cuddle on or off a lap. I would say that you can tell pretty easily which ones will be lovers. Just my experience though.

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Some shelters will let you play with the cats in a room so that you can choose one. Check to see if your shelters allows this.

Any shelter cat would love to have a new home, not just lap cats.

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I agree with Merlin, most shelters often let you handle one of the cats to see if you feel you've got a "connection" with the cat and hence want to adopt it. So that is an excellent opportunity to see if it's a lap cat.

I'm guessing (personalities aside) that older cats generally tend to be lap cats??? They don't have the high energy that kittens - at least in my experience. Casey, for example, will often sit on our laps numerous times a day and she's 4.

Me and Donny - forget it! We want fun, not sitting around on a lap (or sitting around anywhere else).

Good luck, Mango and Maggie May. We are looking forward to seeing your new sibling!

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I don't know if older cats tend to be lap cats..it is just a personality thing. I'm 7 yrs old (OK I'm not ancient by any means) and I like my family but I'm not a lap cat tho I love to be petted. Our foster sisfur Juliette is 9 months old and she's definetly a lap cat. Her sibling Nanette hates laps but loves shoulders and so on and so forth.
Ask the shelter if you can have sometime with the kitty..some are attention seekers while others huddle in their cage (that's what I did, I broke their heart and they choose me [from the long time at the shelter many overlooked me evidently] MOL)


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You could check out cats who have been living in foster homes. Being in a home environment allows the cat's true personality to shine through, and the foster mom or dad will be able to observe how the cat behaves in a variety of situations (lap cat? gets along with other cats? high or low activity level?). A foster parent's advice can also help in trying to create a good temperament match with your current cat(s).
I was fostered, so my people knew exactly what I was like: a sweet, friendly, rambunctious kitty with plenty of attitude! wink
Good luck finding your new best friend!


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Purred: Sat Feb 24, '07 6:53pm PST 
I have no idea how to tell. I was always very interested in humans. Out of all my feral brothers and sisters, I was caught first because I came right up to my captor. She was nice, but thankfully my papa soon showed up to take me away. When he showed up, I crawled all over him, because I knew he was special. However, I would not consider myself a lap cat, at least in the cat-on-the-lap-watching-tv sort of way. Frankly, I think it is a myth (except for older cats) that most cats are like this. Nevertheless, I am EXTREMELY cuddly, especially in the mornings when my papa is waking up. I also don't mind being held one bit. So I guess my advice would be to find a kitty that wants to come to you and likes hanging out with you (literally)!