Just realized our foundling kitty is a Chausie

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My best friend brought me a 3 week old kitten she found dying in her apartment parking garage. Long, long story short, we were able to get him up on his little paws, even through our vet wasn't sure he'd make it.

Geiger (so named because of the "hink" noise he makes) is now 4 months old. I had never seen a kitten like him before. He is black with mackerel stripes and a few white banded hairs in his coat. He does not meow or purr, but he makes a constant "hink" noise. I figured because of his activity level, growth rate and his features that he was some form of wildcat. I therefore have him on a protein (meat only) diet (Blue Buffalo Wilderness wet kitten food and a Grain-less dry kibble). He's a scary-smart little guy, who is totally devoted to my husband and myself.

My questions... 1) is it normal for this breed to make strange noises (we had x-rays done to make sure he had no malformations of the throat or lungs)?? 2) How do we keep him from tearing us up? My husband and I look like we are trying to end our lives by a 1000 cuts... we both have arms and ankles that look like we placed them in a wood chipper.
My living room looks like a kitty preschool (tons of toys) as well as cat trees and other goodies.

Is there anything we should be aware of with this breed that I haven't already covered?
When would you recommend we have him neutered?

Thank You So Much


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shrug Does anyone out there own a Chausie??

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I can't believe how much your little Geiger looks like my big CC! They could be twins, though my big boy has about twenty pounds on your little guy (and that's no typo! He makes my Maine Coon look small, so get ready!) Here's the thing, hybrids have a lot of energy, you have to be committed to burning it off at least daily (more when they are younger) or they will be destructive, but don't let them treat you like prey or toys...biting, etc. is always a no-no and you should just immediately stand up and walk away if it starts. I highly recommend a "red dot" approach if you run out of gas before they do...my boys love the feather on a string toys, but I get tired before they do, so then I pull out the red dot! I had to find an actual laser pointer, not just one of the cheapo cat toys, though, to keep them interested. Also, socialize and train him while he's little! My big boy can be a brat, but he obeys like a dog! Being smart, they are easily trained with food reinforcement like you would a dog, and work on harness training young, too, to help with trips to the vet and for added enjoyment for them in going outside. Anyway, I know this is all TMI, I'm sure, I was just so excited to see your little guy looking just like my buddy once looked! My boy now is big, and the two of them are a little crime duo (I have to bungie the refrigerator doors closed and had to put in locking door knobs!), but he is also so very affectionate, and even developed a close, affectionate (supervised) bond with my 1.5 yr old grandson, never lifting a paw against him! Love him lots and good luck! happy dance