havana browm/orange tabby?

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bobby brown

Purred: Sun Sep 30, '07 4:18pm PST 
bobby was part feral and we dont have an idea of who his parents are...".chausie" was mentioned to me by a local cat breeder but i have no idea what it really means...i,m not a cat breeder...we just took him from the wild and made him a happy home.... (prevevting more suffering kitties)..but hes so rare in colour, that i would like to know more about him...could he be an "out breed,..or cross breed" of havana brown?...please let me know your thoughts...i saw charlie brown in the cat section of havana browns and would like to see more pics...or talk with charlies parents...he is a handsome fellow "that charlie brown"..he,he

Oomi (Jan- 2005 - Mar 2008)

Fun must be had
Purred: Wed Oct 31, '07 11:16pm PST 
Well, whatever he is, he sure is beautiful. He does look havana brown-ish.

Chausies are a new breed, started from wild cat hybrids. The wild cat used is a small Egyptian, pan-asian wild cat called a Jungle Cat, latin name, felis chaus (get it? chaus-ie?). Anyway, the very young have spots, which fade as the become adults and leg bars that are darker on the inside of the leg. They look somewhat (some people say a lot) like tricked out Abyssinians. They are very, very active, smart and have a ticked coat (several bands of color on each hair). So, if Bobby has a number of those qualities, it's possible he has some in him.

However, there are very few Chausies and very, very, very few breeders who would allow their intact Chausie out of their sight long enough for accidents to happen. They do, but it's rare.

There are a number of Chausies on Catster (including me), just do a breed search. Anyway, Bobby's gorgeous.