Did You Know There Are Too Many Kittens Down South and Not Enough Up North?

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Here in Texas you usually hear about the feral hog problem, but cats are becoming pretty bad too. In the rural parts, at least when I did farm work, the local cops and wildlife folks would usually just tell us to shoot the feral cats when they became a problem (it is actually a felony on paper to do such, but the wildlife guys always get the last say according to the state). As for hogs, they are so bad that many counties will actually pay you to shoot them. The further south you go in the state, the more the feral cat population is controlled, however, because they don't last very long in the wild with coyotes and hawks and such.

I know that over in Florida they class feral cats as a pest animal so they're controlled in that aspect, plus TNR. The two together are probably why they have such a low quote as earlier stated in this thread.

As an aside, I'm am not telling anyone to go shoot cats. I would prefer if cats just had a good home where they can be loved, like they deserve.

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