Dogless in Chicago - For now.... Looking for a temporary place to stay in chicago -Please HELP!

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Hi there. NOT too sure about all this, but I hear I'm getting a dog. Yes, a DOG.

He's moving up here from Austin TX and he's going to be living with us in a new house we're buying. PAWBLEM is that we don't get into that new house until end of June, so we've got two months to either 1) be with that thing here in our downtown chicago flat or 2) find a good person out there who can either take one or both of us us (Zelda is my other feline friend here). I'd rather meet him in a house, over there, where we're going to be living anyhow, than have him come in here and mess everything up in a small place where two humans and two cats already live.

DOES anyone know anyone in chicago who may be able to take us for a couple months. Would be May and June... My human will cover all costs and will throw in some spending money - Or maybe two people who can each take one of us? Any thoughts or help appreciated!!
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Not a good idea to displace the cats and then reunite them with a dog in a new place. It's going to freak them badly. Why can't you let the dog join you in the new house?

Cats bond to their territory as to their people. It will frighten and distress them to do this.


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It might be better to see if the dog can stay with someone else... thinking
Dogs are generally better at acclimating to a new environment than cats.


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I worry about this arrangement being much too stressful for your cats. Not a good idea. They will have no idea what is going on. If you separate the cats there is a chance they will not get along when they get back together. Since the dog is not part of the family yet, I think a much better idea to have someone take care of him until it is time to move instead of punishing the cats.