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Can anyone help with a transport? Know of anyone who can? This is critical. Please contact Jessica ASAP at
fortheloveofthepets72@gmail.com. Thanks, Cat

From: Sarah Brennan
Sent: Friday, February 17, 2012 2:04 PM
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Subject: FW: Transport Kitten for LiFE SAVING Surgery NEED Transport from *Clover SC to Sa.vannah, GA.

Transport Kitten for LiFE SAVING Surgery

NEED Transport from *Clover SC to Savannah, GA.

"I am BEYOND desperate. i have a kitten with a broken pelvis that needs to get to Savannah GA for pelvic surgery. the longer she waits the less successful the surgery will be. if you cannot help maybe you can forward to someone who can. the photos are her and an xray of her pelvis. she is going to GA because the surgery is triple in SC.

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If you don't mind us asking, any particular reason why Savannah? We live on the other side of GA but know a couple of vets who could possibly do the surgery and mike make a better deal if you send us more details on why the case, we could help get the kitty and we are going to go to Shelby NC for a show next w/e anyway and could return her. Please pm me. Meowma also has a friend who is a vet in your area, that might take an interest dependant on circumstances.