Looking for transport for 5 rescue Persians in need from SD/MN to Omaha NE or KC Missouri

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Eloise- Henriella

Purred: Sat Aug 13, '11 11:57am PST 
Thank you for reading this.
I am looking to help a woman who needs to rehome 5 under socialized Persian's and Himalayan's into rescue. She was a irresponsible breeder years ago, but after her son was diagnosed with a debilitating illness she stopped breeding. At the time she had 2 kittens left who she just never found homes for. After her son was diagnosed she was dealt another blow when her Mother passed away leaving her to also care for her father who lives 120 miles away. If this was not enough soon after her pregnant sister, already a mom to 2 young children tragically lost her husband, the ex breeders brother-in-law in a car accident, so she also helps care for her 3 nieces and nephews and help her sister. She just didn't have time to properly care for these poor cats.

She understands that she is responsible for their lack of socialization and health care, they are all behind on shots, all need to be spayed, and she didn't check them for PKD so they will also need that test. They will receive all of these and more if they can find their way down to either me in NE so I can transport them down to KC Missouri, another option is if they could find their way down to the KC Missouri or Lemar Missouri where the CPAC Rescue is located.

They are willing to update their shots, PKD test, get them fixed, and deal with their under socialized behavior, in order to be adopted out. If anyone can help PLEASE let me know I am at a loss.

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