Sun 9/20/09 Johnstown, OH to NewYorkCity,NY: 1 cat goine home: Final leg needed NJ/NY

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Sun 9/20/09 Johnstown, OH to NewYorkCity,NY: 1 cat goine home: Final leg needed NJ/NY


We need a final leg driver to take Dolly to her new mom in New York City, NY. New mom does not have a car to pick her up and meet transport. Thanks Kelley

Information provided by Purrs, Inc. http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/OH253.html

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Sending Rescue Information: Purrs, Inc. – Purebred Rescue and Relocation Society

Contact Name: Kit Goodwin

Address: PO Box 534, Johnstown, OHIO, 43031

Daytime phone: 740-817-2000

Evening phone: 740-817-2000

Email Address: purrs@mindspring.com

Coming from: foster home to Adopter

Bree d of cat: Persian

Name of cat: Dolly – formerly Mimi
Age: 7
Gender: spay
Size/Weight: ~ 8.0
Health Certificate: no, unless you require
Rabies Vaccination & Date: 12-22-2008
Rabies Tag Number & State: no tag - # 44 - Ohio

Other Vaccinations & Date: FVRCP, Idexx felv/fiv snap neg, spay, all on 8-1-08
Wormed: not needed
Advantage, Frontline or Program: frontline 8-6-09
Any known Medical Problems/Conditions/Diseases/Allergies: mega colon, slightly elevated crit
Any known Physical Conditions/Limitations: must be air conditioned at all times, not acclimated to outdoor temps
Any known Aggression/Behavior Issues: none
Have you received ANY information or reports, (verbal or written) of biting or otherwise aggressive behavior displayed toward people or other animals?: no

Home visit? Yes
Any Recent or Current Contagious Conditions/Diseases: none. Cat has clipped areas from grooming issues in rescue, has NOT had RW at any time during stay here.
Any Special Needs/Medication to be administered during Transport: needs to travel with litterbox provided, in carrier provided. Needs meal at 10 PM
People, Dog, Cat, Kid Friendly: people ok, not dog tested, not cat tested, not kid tested
Attitude Toward Strangers: calm, accepting, especially if talked to sweetly
Disposition toward extended car rides: calm
Situation (Shelter/Foster/Owner Relinquish, etc): Shelter to Rescue
Crate/carrier Will be provided: yes
Size of the crate/carrier: approximately #300
Other items accompanying cats on transport: Vet paperwork, litter pan, water. Yes to all. Must be fed at 10 PM, dish with snap lid will be provided.
Reas on for transport: Rescue to adopter.

________________________________________________________ ___________________

Transport Coordinator: Kelley Rice, lkrice@yahoo.com

Transport Date: Sunday 9/20/09

Johnstown, OH to Somerset, PA 232 miles

4 hours, 7:00 to 11:00

Filled Kit, Thank you

Somerset, PA to New Cumberland, PA 134 miles

2 hours, 15 min. 11:15 to 1:30

Filled Karen, Thank you

New Cumberland, PA to Allentown, PA 88 miles

1 hour, 30 min. 1:45 to 3:15

Filled Roz, Thank you

Allentown, PA to Clinton, NJ 54 miles

1 hour, 3:30 to 4:30

Filled Marianne, thank you (yes)

Clinton, NJ to New York City, NY 65 miles

1 hour, 15 min. 4:45 to 6:00


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