Help! 5 Week Old Blind Kitten in Florida

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Tortie and Proud
Purred: Thu Jul 23, '09 7:07am PST 
I'm still getting details, but there's a five week old blind kitten in Jacksonville, FL who needs help getting to Blind Cat Rescue in NC. My hubby will be in south GA, around Savannah and the Alma area, late next week and could meet someone there. We can get the kitten on up to NC.

Is there anyone around Florida who could help get this cutie from Jacksonville to meet my husband in south GA? I'm not sure how dire the circumstances are yet. Alana, director of Blind Cat Rescue, is checking.
You can contact me at:

Please cross post anywhere you think help might be found.

Scarlett - Gentle Angel

Tomorrow IS- Another Day!
Purred: Thu Jul 23, '09 8:51am PST 
Update: the kitten is in a kill shelter and in danger. If anyone there could even pick her up and keep her a few
days, I'll make the trip down to get her. She needs saving quickly. Please
pass the word. Thanks!!!


Tortie and Proud
Purred: Thu Jul 23, '09 11:11am PST 
The kitten is SAFE! A local rescue group took her out about an hour ago. She's in an excellent foster home for now, and there's a nice man who is a 'sucker' for special needs cats who may adopt her. If not, they will contact Alana and we'll work out getting her to the rescue at that time.


I will be posting info tonight about a blind cat in California who needs a home. I think it's an adult but am not sure. It was adopted out but the 'parents' just changed their minds. He's not in danger, however. I'll post a link to his Catster page once it's done and if you know anyone in CA who could love a wonderful blind kitty, pass along the word!

Thanks so much to all who've email purrs and purrayers for this Florida kitten!!!! They worked!!!!!!!!!!



Who You Callin'- Blind?
Purred: Thu Jul 23, '09 3:27pm PST 

I was worried!

I hope the little kitten and the big kitty both find excellent furever homes.

(like me)



Gray Ghost
Purred: Fri Jul 24, '09 9:18am PST 
yeppers Christopher Blind cats do rock!!! If you hear of any purrs needing a ride north of us, we are about an hour and a half north of BCR...and would be happy to help any purr that needs a ride...

Maggie and- Thomas - ILM

Gone, but never- forgotten
Purred: Fri Jul 24, '09 11:35am PST 
SO glad to read the blind kitten may have adopted a person, but at least it is safe. And we will continue to purr for the blind kitty in Calfornia.

We are in South Louisiana, so too far to help with transport, but can certainly send positive purrs!!!!

The New Orleans Kitties