Need help in Southern California - willing to transport!

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Rockee Jones

Bringing Sexy- Back!
Purred: Thu Jul 2, '09 11:59am PST 
Hey all! Last night my mom found the SWEETEST adult stray male at a local playground. According to the kids playing there, he's been hanging around the playground for 2-3 wks. He had a wound over his eye & was missing a patch of hair on his left side. However, he's a beautiful russian blue color and SO sweet. Mom picked him up, cuddled him, he played with the kids, ect. She just couldn't leave him. She got him in her car (where he purred the whole time) and took him to the 24 animal hospital. They refused to treat him because "he's not your cat" they said. They said she'd have to call animal control. She called animal control & they agreed to meet her at the animal hospital & take him from there.
Mom just talked to the animal shelter & he's there. He will only have 5 days if no one adopts him. OBVIOUSLY, we are NOT going to let this sweet man get killed!!!! Any of you who know us know that we already have a 7 cat family & introducing a grown male would be chaos. If any of you have any ideas or know of where she could turn from here, mom is willing to pay his adoption fee & drive him where ever he could have a good home. Any guidance is appreciated! Thank you!