Need help transporting two cats from Shelter in Albuq., NM to another shelter in Albuq.

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I live in Clovis and a friend is bringing up mostly dogs from Clovis on Monday, tomorrow, 20 May 09 to the Albuquerque East Shelter. I need someone to take these two strays to another shelter as they will not take the cats there. The other shelter is only 6 miles away. Please let me know if anyone can help. You can call me at 478-718-5644. I am just learning that my friend does not want to go to the other shelter, but will only go to the first one in Albuq. I can't go due to living in Clovis and having to work that day.


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Hey there... Albuquerque East (or West Shelter) are NOT no-kill shelters!! Is your friend aware of this????

Also the Animal Humane is NOT a total - no-kill, though IF they have room and you can "pet" the animals - they will take them in for alot longer than either of the 2 Albuquerque Shelters...

Guess I'm not sure which shelter you are going to head for - but I have some great friends living in Albuq... give me a heads up and we'll see what we can do.

There are many No-Kill groups in town - CARMA - ACAT - ANEW etc... if they have the room a MUCH better option than any kill shelter - Have you checked into any of those rescue groups?

Meows and Purrsss and hope it all goes well!!

My meow mom found me when she was trapping in Albuquerque - hence my name for the nearby mountains - the Sandia Mountains - though she usually calls me Sandy Baby, Her Pretty Girl, and Gods gift - *These names are reserved for ME* so I make sure she isn't calling all these other Girls in our house that - n o no no!!

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Thanks Sandy Baby for responding. We were talking about Albuquerque East for now. The animals are coming from Clovis, NM to the shelter. Most of the time the transporters are moving dogs in and they do not have time to take the cats to a location that will accept cats.

What is Anew or Carma? I have heard of ACAT. I will send you a paw mail as well. Let me know who I can contact if I need some assistance from Albuq. East to PACA, AHA, ANew, or Carma. Thanks for responding.