** Aldo and Noelle now re-homed ** ** Awaiting Update on Tess **

This is a special place for Catsters to help Catsters arrange for community transport of rescues or cats being re-homed. Even though we love our community, please remember this is the Internet. Be sure not to post personal information publicly or share it prematurely; always use your best judgment when working with people unknown to you. Thanks for helping our furry friends get to their furrever homes!

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Fat Cat - Got anything to- eat?
Purred: Mon Jun 2, '08 7:18pm PST 
So gald to hear about Noelle & Aldo. Will be going to their new pages now. Still purrrrring for Tess.

Hazel Lucy &- Purrsville- Cats

tiny gumdrop
Purred: Sun Jun 8, '08 5:12am PST 
Aldo is now in his new home in Baltimore! Because the weather was very hot, his new mom flew down to get him so he could fly back in the cabin. It was a short trip and Aldo was fine. He is resting now and soon will be introduced to his new brothers and sisters.

We expect to hear about Tess this week, but are very hopeful she is ok.
All updates are posted in my diary.
Thanks for all your encouragement and support!
hugs to everycat,
Hazel Lucy


I like kisses!
Purred: Sun Jun 8, '08 9:43am PST 
cheercheer Yippee for Aldo and his new home and wonderpurr new family. You all should read O'Malley's diary about Aldo's trip on the big airplane with O'Malley's mommy. We all cried and cried. *wipes tear*
Three cheers for Hazel Lucy, Gimme's mommy and Aldo's new mommy and all the catsters that helped and donated. cheercheer

Mouse- ♥

The one and- only.
Purred: Tue Jun 10, '08 2:06pm PST 
WE are still PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRING for good news about Tess.

She has not been forgotten & never will be.

The Cornish crew.


If it looks- edible,eat- it!!!!
Purred: Fri Jun 13, '08 7:03pm PST 

All of you have been so wonderful with Noelle,Aldo and Tess...now there is a similar situation,a lady died at 49 and left behind some pets,who have been alonne for two days and then picked up from the police...they are scared and old,and they need foster moms or sponsoring...PLEASE,go to "Adoption and Shelters" thread..we GOTTA HELP!!

All you great kitties,we gotta help these cuties!!


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