Kitten needs relay transport from Columbus Ohio to Denver, Colorado

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Purred: Tue Sep 18, '07 12:00pm PST 
I have been fostering a little white kitten for almost 2 weeks now. He will probably be ready to travel in 3 more weeks. so far the only offer for a home is in Denver, Colorado. It looks like the biggest part of the drive would be along 70 west. I am willing to drive him as far as Terra Haute, Indiana. I have not yet spoken to the potential adopting mom, but suspect she will actually meet someonw outside of Denver so the relay person would not have to drive into the city. It looks like after Tearra Haute, the main cities along the route would be St. Louis, Missouri; Kansas City, Missouri; Topeka, Kansas; Salina, Kansas, and Burlington which is either Kansas or Colorado...bant tell for sure on the map. The kitten would probably be leaving Sometime the week of October 14(Sunday). Actually, a Tuesday, Oct. 16 would work best for me. Is there anyone out there who could help? I even considered flying out with him, but the only airfare I could afford is on an airlines that will not transport pets...even little baby ones in a carrier. I refuse to fly him in baggage.

Angel Ashley

Purred: Tue Sep 18, '07 1:10pm PST 
Hey Champ! As you know, I live in NJ but I have a Dogster friend that lives in Kansas. I sent her a pmail to see if any of the cities are close to her. I'll let you know what I find out.

Good luck. I hope your forever family works out for you!

Angel Ashley

Purred: Tue Sep 18, '07 1:31pm PST 
Champ I got a few responses from Dogster. I'm going to send you a pmail.


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I live in Longmont, it's about 45 min away from Denver, I think Burlington is in Colorado.

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Purred: Tue Sep 18, '07 5:05pm PST 
You are right, Burlington is in Colorado.

My Meomy said she would be willing to meet someone in Limon to pick him up.


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Purred: Wed Oct 10, '07 8:31pm PST 
I have just moved from Denver Colorado to Columbus Ohio. Bexley actually, and I am looking to adopt a pure white kitten. If this kitten is still available or if anyone out there knows of a pure white kitten available for adoption please let me know. My cat Tosca needs a playmate and I have always wanted a white cat.



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I really hope you are still looking for a pure white kitten! My vet office has one. She is 5 months old. She is the sweetest! I wanted to take her home myself. The office is the Gahanna Animal Hospital. I know they still have her because I was there today.