URGENT: OC Humane Society Update

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This is long, but please read. This information is from Carson's mom, who should be commended for all of the sleuthing.

This is from our friend who visited the shelter yesterday:

I made it to the shelter before they closed but they were crowded and understaffed. I counted only 12 dogs and 15 cats at the facility. There were lots of empty cages. I would say that around 2/3 of all their cages were empty. The place is desperately in need of a complete overhaul. It was really depressing. While I was waiting to speak to someone, a woman walked in and asked, loudly, about the "rumor". She was told that the shelter was not closing and the animals were all safe. She was directed to the newspaper article from the OC Register. I was finally able to speak with one of the staff who told me that they would only put animals down if they had no room for them. She was new and when the other staffer heard that, she stepped in to assure me that they were finding places for the animals. She said that they had already sent dogs to the Seal Beach shelter and to Boxer rescue. Would one of you mind calling Seal Beach to verify that? I probably won't have time to do it today.
They also said they didn't have a date for the construction to begin, yet. There were so many people waiting for attention from the two staffers that I couldn't really get a good feel for the truth of the situation. They had obviously been receiving lots of criticism and were under stress. There were people there waiting to adopt and drop off, so I asked what I could and then left. I think I managed to be non-threatening and did offer to help them find fostering situations.
They told me to leave my contact information on their website. Neither of the staffers struck me as bad people, it's just a really bad situation and I don't feel confident, at all, that animals won't be put down. The one question I wish I had asked was what the county was going to do with their strays and owner turn-ins while this shelter is being remodeled. I can't imagine that they would want to keep any of the existing structure. I'd like to know who is paying for the remodel. It is obviously a poor facility.
Here is more information that our mom found out today. The following is from 2 emails that she sent to concerned friends, like you...

I called the Boxer rescue in HB and here is what the very informed lady had to say...

She has not received any dogs from the shelter. She said that Boxer Rescue LA is the only other place they might have gone but she said she finds it hard to believe they'd send dogs there.

She volunteered at the shelter in the past and she does not care for the present manager.
She doesn't think this manager (I think she said her name is Adrian) cares about the animals at all.

She thinks the Register article is a bunch of BS.

The vet/owner claims 501 Non Profit status. She says he pockets a lot of money and that the place is a "gold mine." He gets $5K per month from both CM and Westminster and the reason that he wants to stay open during renovation is to keep the city funding coming in...NOW it makes sense to me.

As a vet, the owner is a "hack" and she wouldn't let him treat a dog that had been hit by a car and was bleeding. She said that many local people continue to use his services because they don't know any better, so this is another source of income.

I asked her if she thinks people will show up there on Monday and she said that there is nothing organized that she knows of but she does think that people will go down there.

She seems to be keeping very up to date on this and said to call her any time. Web site link below.

And this is another email mom sent out...

The Seal Beach shelter took dogs only because volunteers brought the dogs to them�i.e. the HB shelter did not seek Seal Beach�s help. Seal Beach is full and can�t take any more animals.

Their suggestion is that we call the Costa Mesa City Council and see what they can do about it. The Seal Beach shelter also agrees that the Register article is not true!

I�ll see if I can contact anyone at the Council�do you have any contacts there by chance??

Mom tried to contact someone at CM City Council but you can't get a live person...if you know of anyone with contacts to CM or Westminster City Councils, this might help...

Mom just got in touch with the City Manager's secretary...here's copy from another email she just sent to concerned friends....

Allan Roeder�s secretary told me that he�s been receiving calls about this today and though he would not take my call, she took my information and said that the city is �on top of this.� She said that he did speak at length with a woman who called in about this issue earlier today.

His secretary is very nice and is there until 5pm today. You can call her at the number below or send her an email: kshelton@ci.costa-mesa.ca.us

Allan Roeder
City Manager
(714) 754-5328