Am I just overly anxious?

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Like most of you, I am madly in love with my cat. We have three but mine in particular is very attached to me. I attribute that her to her being a very ill kitten when I adopted her from the pound but she is now thriving and healthy. She is very attached to me and follows me around much like a dog. I have to go help my Mother for ten days across country. My husband will be home with the cats. I have some irrational fear that she will hate me or try and run away. Ok, she has never done this before but the longest I have left was five days and I am going for 2 weeks. My husband thinks I am nuts and assures me all will be fine. I feel like I need to explain to her why I am leaving! Am I just nuts or are there other people out there who go through this kind of anxiety? I don't leave for 5 weeks and I'm already wigging out! Any advice or commiseration is appreciated! Thank you, Lizcat on moon