Should I stay at home or in a kennel?

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Miss Patty

Purred: Sat Jul 8, '06 5:20pm PST 
I sooo much prefer staying at home. But I also love scads of attention, so last time Anja travelled, she left me at David's house and he was a wonderful temp-guardian. However, Anja was gone for 3 weeks, so after I spent the first day hiding under David's couch, I emerged and had some good quality time during my visit..

Anja is going away again, and she thinks I don't know it. But she brought out that leather box that she packs all that fabric she wraps herself up in. She must not be going for too long, though, because I don't see my carrier which means I get to stay at home. I'll miss sleeping on her lap, but as long as she leaves the food and water full, I can handle it.

Bottom line, Anja has found that it all depends on how long she leaves me as to whether I stay at home or go somewhere else.


Any more kittens- show up and I'm- leaving
Purred: Sat Jul 8, '06 7:57pm PST 
With 5 of us, boarding is too expensive. When our person travels we have a pet sitter come in twice a day. The sitter does litter boxes, feeds us, plays with us (well, the couple of us who aren't hiding), picks up the mail, turns on some lights, etc... We've had to have a pet sitter for up to 3 weeks in the past and never had a problem.

Absolutey get references from your vet, if at all possible.


Cuteness- overload!
Purred: Sat Jul 8, '06 10:43pm PST 
Hello everyone!

I think the best for us is staying at our home, with our things... I've heard terrible stories about cats getting sick while staying in kennels (because they missed home so much).

When my mom travels for a short period, let's say, 2, 3 days, she leaves me extra food and extra water. I have that automatic litterbox, which is very helpful on those occasions.

When the period of absence is longer than that mom calls a cat sitter, that come to the house everyday to check if I'm ok, to play with me...

Good luck!

Fat Man- Jackson

I'm plotting to- destroy you!
Purred: Sun Jul 9, '06 3:03pm PST 
I had to stay in a kennel years ago when I was a kitten. Mom thought that I was too young to stay by myself. I was rowdy. I got to take my stuffed kitten with me but it was horrible. When mom picked me up to take me home I was very unhappy with her.
Now that I'm older and have the little Sister, we have our Auntie Rose come over and visit. It's much nicer cause she gives us kisses and sits on the couch with us!!


i'm not fat, my- mommy just loves- me.
Purred: Mon Oct 2, '06 2:22pm PST 
well, my mommy goes off on vacation often. However if it's just for a few days she just changes the litter before she leaves and puts out extra food and water.

But in December she's leaving for 2 weeks to europe...and will have no other option than to leave me in the kennel. I don't like it there...it stresses me out and I'd rather stay home...so if it's just for a f ew days stay home! big grin


Houdini, the- screen opener
Purred: Mon Oct 2, '06 11:46pm PST 
My mommy and daddy have left us for over a week at home. Grandpa comes over and checks on our food, water and litter box every day while they are gone. At first we didn't come out when he came over. But now we are used to that happening and we go right up to him so we can be petted. We even play with him.


Mango the boxer
Purred: Mon Oct 9, '06 12:49am PST 
Yea, a pet sitter going to your house it's the way to go. My mom does that, she works in an veterinary internal specialist in West Hollywood as a vet tech (aka pet nurse). She loves to take care of animals on her job and outside of work. If you need a pet sitter or if you need special care like medicine, shot or SQ fluid, paw my mom a message. We live in Hollywood, if you are close by, mom would be more than happy to take care of you. =^.^=

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Kim 1990 - 2006

Slow but- beautiful.
Purred: Mon Oct 9, '06 9:52pm PST 
My mummy is a pet sitter and has clients she always goes and visits when people go away on short trips.

When mummy and daddy use to go away for longer period, they got a housesitter to come and stay. These people actually move in to the house and live there and look after us guys. The last trip mummy and daddy were away five weeks and a nice man named Steve came to stay. He gave us all our favourite things and we got to sleep wherever we wanted to.

There are plenty of housesitting organisations around. You interview people and check their references.


White Lion Roams
Purred: Tue Oct 10, '06 10:28am PST 
Our Mommy & Daddy are having problems decidig on this too.
Before, when they go away for a week end or so, us kitties get to go to grandma's place when there was only two of us, and the two pups was looked after by the neighbor because her pup had just gone to Rainbow bridge.
Last Xmas, when Mommy & Daddy went back to Australia for 2 weeks, Mommy's friend (who used to live with us) came over and stayed with us for two weeks... it was great because we all know her and she adores us.
But soon she will be moving to Miami, and Mommy & Daddy are looking for alternatives...as they will be going back to Australia for a 2 weeks visit again next year..and having 5 of us is terribly expensive to board...meow meow...
Mommy has been talking to our vet for reccommendations.

Lunar Lander

Baba Doo to the- Rescue!
Purred: Wed Oct 11, '06 5:25am PST 
Lunar Lander says:

Petsitters seem to be the way to go. Interview the sitter prior to your vacation and let them become familiar with your kitties. If my Mom ever goes on vacation (she really needs one and hasn't had one in 7 year...ugh), this is the way to go. Many vet techs. are sitters as well. Just make sure they are bonded and insured to be on the safe side.

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