Should I stay at home or in a kennel?

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Purred: Tue Aug 16, '05 8:54pm PST 
I live with another cat Marley, and he is a bully. If my parents go on vacation my mommy always ask her friend to come stay with us. If not, Marley will eat all my food! Besides we wouldn't like living anywhere else.


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Purred: Thu Aug 18, '05 4:13pm PST 
my mommy doesn't mind leaving us at home as long as someone can come check on use and refill our food and water bowls, but if she can't find anyone she doesn't feel horible about leaving us at her job, a pet resort( olde towne pet resort), where she is a groomer. they have thier own cat room with totally sound proof walls and doors, so you don't hear the dogs, and a seperate air filter system, so you don't smell dogs either! each cat gets to roam around the room at least once a day and gets Lots of attention so mommy doesn't worry too much!


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Purred: Fri Aug 19, '05 1:19pm PST 
Pet sitter is definitely the way to go. Cats are very territorial and we like to hang out in our own homes. We don't require much, just make sure our food and water is fresh and full, scoop the litter box every day or two, we're fine. Our human pet-sits for a family with a dog and two cats, the cats are no problem. So you can even just hire a responsible honor student in your neighborhood to check up on them once a day, make sure everything is in order and pet or play with them a little if they'll do that with a stranger while you're gone. Our human usually just gets $15 dollars +fridge and pantry raiding privileges for a weekend of pet-sitting for them and that's with a dog it's 3 or 4 trips a day, and their house is two blocks away! If you've got a nice kid next door you could probably get them to do it for $5 or $10. And if you've got any plants you can get them to take care of those, too!

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Purred: Sun Aug 21, '05 8:50pm PST 
My mom leaves me alone for up to 10 days.
It's great and I love it.
She puts out TONS of food and a water cooler(with frozen water in the reserve. Also she provides 3 litterboxes, and sets the radio timer so I'll have music twice a day.

Now that Zory is here she can't do this because Zory will get into cords and dystroy things.
Her next trip in in a few months and I'll be home alone(yeah! no Zory!) and Zory is going to a kennel.


Purred: Mon Apr 3, '06 9:32pm PST 
Me and my brother Maui stay at home with a Pet Sitter and love her! She visits us twice a day and feeds us, plays with us and gives extra special attention and makes sure our box is spotless! If anybody from San Diego reads this, email for us for a referral smile

Colleen - (Forever- Loved)

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Purred: Sat May 27, '06 3:33am PST 

My mommy has done both. A couple times she had a sitter come into our home and take care of me. They were both recommended by my vet and they did a great job taking care of me.

When mommy went to Flordia a couple months ago she boarded me at this new facility that opened up around here called the Feline Bed and Breakfast. It's run by my vets daughter. At first when mommy dropped me off there I wasn't so sure and my appetite wasn't as good as it usually is, but by the time she came to pick me up I didn't want to leave. I had so much fun and I had the whole place to myself. They let me roam the place most of the time and I even got to pick out a free toy - a catnip candybar.

I would just advise that your human parents check with your vet and make sure that whoever they decide to leave you with is reputable and insured.

Donny the Astro-Kitty

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Purred: Sat May 27, '06 1:17pm PST 
Don't go to a kennel!! It will be too much stress for you to be moved outside of your home...your "territory".

What my mommy and daddy do (and they've done it for vacation trips up to 2-3 wks!) is leave all of us at home, but have a friend come over every day to feed and water - AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - play with us!!

Apparently, you can also hire catsitters that will do the same services for a fee. Here in Calgary, it's apparently only $20/day - an added cost to be sure, but not too expensive.

I highly recommend NOT going to a kennel, but instead try and find some human slave(s) to come do your bidding in the comfort of your own home.

Good luck!

Mo Evil Cat- Genius

Purred: Wed Jun 21, '06 2:04pm PST 
My hooman would put me in kitty day care, because I am not to be trusted when left up to my own devices. I like to break things.


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Purred: Thu Jun 22, '06 2:32pm PST 
It depends on your personality. Some cats like solitude; not me. Give me the howling company of a kennel any day.


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Purred: Thu Jul 6, '06 4:49am PST 
My family prefer to leave me in a boarding kennel. That way mum doesn't spend her holiday worrying about what I'm breaking while she's away. It also saves on having to get someone to check on me. We don't have pet sitters where I live.

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