Should I stay at home or in a kennel?

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Debbie Purr

Purred: Mon May 23, '05 4:11pm PST 
My mommy and daddy are going away for a weekend and I will be left at home for 3 days, they are trying to decide whether to leave me at home in our apartment or to put me in a kennel for 3 days. I am kind of scared of a kennel but mommy and daddy are afraid to leave me home alone. What do you think I should do? Thanks guys! *purrs*

Beatrice- (Miss You!- '94-'12)

The very Beast- of all

Purred: Mon May 23, '05 7:32pm PST 
Our mommy leaves us alone once in a while. If she's going to be gone for 2 nights or less, she will just put out extra food and water and we're ok (aside from being ticked off that she left ;-)). If she's going to be gone longer, she will get a pet-sitter to come and check on us.

Professional pet sitters can be a great thing. Many of them are bonded and insured and there are some who are even trained in pet first-aid and CPR. And they certainly don't mind doing things that you might feel bad asking a friend to do, like cleaning litter boxes and accidents. We like our pet sitter a lot.

We would much rather stay home and have the sitter come than go to a scary kennel. But then, we are both over 10 years old and pretty settled in our routines. If you're still very young, you might need more supervision. I guess it's up to your human parents to decide if you're mature enough to handle it.

Good luck either way!


*~Literate,- dashing and- deadly~*
Purred: Mon May 23, '05 8:53pm PST 
It depends on whether you'll be safe all by yourself or not, and whether an auntie of unky can come around and make sure your precious self is safe.

Mommy and daddy left me at the Kitty Spa for something horrid (two weeks!), but they treated me like a queen there. Ever so nice!
Hope you don't miss your humans too too much! *purrs*

Debbie Purr

Purred: Wed May 25, '05 9:56am PST 
Well they have decided to let me go to the Red Woof Inn kennel, but I am trying to be optimistic about it! MRROW!


Purred: Fri Aug 5, '05 4:55pm PST 
I am always left home alone with Milphey and Muffin. My family will go on vacation for a week and simply have someone check on us to make sure we have food or water. We are fine, but boy are we glad when they come home. No one to pet us!

At least at home we have all of our own food, water, litter boxes and no strangers. We can still be comfortable. We cats are great because we can take care of ourselves so much better than dogs can.


Norm - the lazy one
Purred: Sun Aug 14, '05 8:01pm PST 
I agree. I don't like it when Mrs leaves me alone. My fur gets all clumpy and I leave it all over everywhere. Mrs gets her friends to come and check on me and feed me and pet me, but I still miss her lots and lots and lots. I may have Mrs check out kitty kennels next time she needs to take a trip.


P.S. I don't miss Mr. He doesn't let me sleep on the bed. *grr*

Gysmo (My- heart )- 1996-2013

Miranda, my love
Purred: Mon Aug 15, '05 10:38am PST 
Hi all,
Mommy and daddy sometimes have to go away to visit my human brother. We stay here and my human sister comes in 2X a day to feed us and clean our box. Mommy does the same for her 3 kitties when she goes away. We live next door. hehe Mommy says she prefers this to a kennel when possible, as kitties are much happier in their own environment. I think a pet sitter would be great, too.
Love Gysmo

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Purred: Mon Aug 15, '05 11:47am PST 
My mama and papa will leave me home for a couple days (3 max!) with extra food & water and I do just fine. I really miss them but it's better than going to the kennel! I've gone there too. If they are going to be gone a long time they will take me to the kennel. I do pretty good there. I don't like it but it's okay. They always make sure to send my favorite blanket and some toys so I know they are going to come back for me and so I'll feel more at home. I don't talk to them at all for a day or two after I get home again.

Roxanne- (kitty- heaven)

Jacques' one and- only
Purred: Mon Aug 15, '05 4:57pm PST 
My Mommy struggled with this one, too. But I had a history of getting VERY upset about being left in strange place overnight, so she hired a professional pet sitter to take care of me. I loved the petsitter and I got to stay home!

You can find one at petsit.com - have your Mommy type in her zip code, and it'll list pet sitters in your area.

Felix (In- Loving- Memory)

I am the- greatest star of- them all...
Purred: Tue Aug 16, '05 4:45pm PST 
Meow, there -- You should also give a call to your vet's office. Sometimes, they can make a recommendation for a pet sitter. I know that some of the Vet Assistants at our Vet's office will actually do a little pet sitting on the side for extra cash. It's a reliable source!

Hope this is helpful...

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