Need a cat sitter affordable please 1 day only. Me and my fiancee want to go camping .

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Well let me tell you that me and my fiancee are very loyal to our two feline kids we never left there site since we first had them. Well we also love the outdoors meaning we're hardcore camper, before the cats we would go anytime we wanted and stay out there for two days. Well that ended soon after we took in our fur kids. Because I devoted all my love and care to my two furry kids. Well it'd been two years since gone camping, we just want to go for only one day, so we need a local affordable cat sitter in San Bernadino county area. There pussy male be alert for him cause he is scared of everything he'll go hide another neath the bed and there Felix also male he is in outdoor cat so you have to keep them separated. more info well be explained to the sitter. We leave either at night or in the morning. If we leave at night then well be back in the afternoon or late afternoon the next day, or if we leave in the morning the well be back the next day morning. Just some feeding and sifting the litter box out, make sure they got plenty of dry food and water. and last thing give them some attention and treats. And more will be explained to the sitter. Please! can anyone please give some advice or any info.
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You can try checking Catster Local for recommendations and reviews of pet sitters in your area, or any website that allows customers to give feedback can be helpful in finding a good sitter.

I would ask your neighbors who have pets to see who they use when they're away from home. They can probably give you the best advice.

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I like to go camping too. I take my cats to a cat kennel. (no torn screens there and your cats aren't running around loose.) Yep it costs dearly, but your cats WILL be safe.
Before you go extreme camping please get your intact boy cats neutered. This is my opinion, as I saw your post regarding your cats fighting and escaping through a torn screen in another forum entry.