Need help transporting a special needs kitten from NJ USA to Calgary AB, Canada.

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My name is Bailey and I currently have two paraplegic kittens.
I have been approved to adopt a kitten who is partially paraplegic (from the knees down), named Psi. Psi is also pseudo hermaphroditic. They believe she has female parts outside, but testicles inside. Psi lives in New Jersey right now, but we're having trouble figuring out a way to get her to me in Calgary AB, as she cannot travel cargo on a plane, therefore cannot travel unaccompanied. I'm working with the rescue group trying to find organizations where pilots take a rescue pet with them if they happen to be going the route you need. I was wondering if maybe you have any suggestions or have come across anyone who may be able to help.



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Bailey, my advice is to google "pet transport" and go from there. There is an airline that transports ONLY pets, but they're limited to a few airports. I believe there are also private pilots and some truckers who will transport pets. May the Creator bless you for your compassion - ask for His help, and I believe you will find it.


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Hello, I'm sorry I dont have an answer for you, but just wanted to say that i think you are a great person for adopting these special needs cats. Good luck and I wish you the best of luck.


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