Whisker City "At Ease" for the big move?

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Wallace - My Little- Angel

The A-durable- Wallace
Purred: Sun Apr 21, '13 6:19pm PST 
So I've always been a skittish kitty. My brother, Newton, is very big and brave and adventurous (unless we are in the car), but I've always been kind of timid and I definitely like my routine. Meowma is getting ready for us to move in one week. All of our things are packed and there are boxes stacked up in the living room where I like to lay. So far I'm handling it okay, but I am VERY confused.
Meowma wants to buy some Feliway diffusers for the new home but she can't get in there yet. She was buying us food the other day and saw this "Whisker City: At Ease" spray that is supposed to do something similar. She is spraying it all over the house to see if it helps us relax with all the changes that are happening. Right now Newton and I are fast asleep. Meowma thinks it could be because we are nice and relaxed!
Has anyone else tried this specific brand? Did you like it? Is it more worth while to just bite the bullet and buy the Feliway diffusers and/or spray? This stuff was only $10 for an 8 fl oz bottle and it has some good reviews on Petsmart's website so meowma thought she'd give it a shot.

Wallace - My Little- Angel

The A-durable- Wallace
Purred: Sun Apr 21, '13 6:30pm PST 
Sorry, I probably should have posted this in "Cats and Travel" but I didn't see that category until just now. Womp womp. frownconfusedred face


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Purred: Sun Apr 21, '13 9:18pm PST 
That's ok, Wally! I moved it for ya. dancing

We haven't tried that particular brand, but it does sound pretty similar to Feliway (and less expensive!).way to go

Feliway, I think, works great for some kitties and for some it doesn't seem to have much effect--it just depends on the cat. I'm glad that the At Ease seems to be helping you, Wally.

Our family has also had some success with Bach's Rescue Remedy for kitties who didn't respond to Feliway. It uses flower essences that have a calming effect.

Good luck with the move! Keep us posted. hi5

Wallace - My Little- Angel

The A-durable- Wallace
Purred: Mon Apr 22, '13 5:54am PST 
Thanks! Meowma is going to see if this seems to help the next few days. She just feels bad that all these changes are disrupting our routine. And once she moves all the furniture out to the new home, we still have to wait 2 weeks to go to the new house because Meowma has to finish school here and graduate college! Lots of things going on lately! eek


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Purred: Mon Apr 22, '13 5:57am PST 
Ben, I just wanted to say we look alike! laugh out loudlaugh out loud
I am Wally's brother. Hats off to handsome black kitties! wavehailwavehi5