Need advice when traveling and leaving the cats by themselves

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Purred: Sat Jul 21, '12 9:49am PST 
I feel you, I am the worst, I worry and stress permanently, I cured it by putting my kitties in a cattery while I am away, an excellent one hat is clean and I know the owner and an trust her. Else, I would go mad on my holiday knowing they ar home alone... Honestly... Us cat moms smile


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Purred: Sat Jul 21, '12 12:41pm PST 
My landlady has always watched my cats for me over the years when I travel. It's easy for me because she lives right upstairs, and she loves animals. She feeds twice a day, scoops and she even sticks around for a little while to play with them. It also works well because both of my cats -- Coop now and my bridge baby Felix -- both enjoyed her company.

But I get nuts when I have to leave Coop. So we designate a time for her to call me -- usually every other day if I'm on a long trip. And I automatically know that nothing is wrong if I haven't heard from her in the off-times.

Also, if I'm traveling somewhere where my cell phone won't work, like to Europe, I'll tell her to use my phone and call the hotel when I know I'll be in the room. That way, she doesn't have to worry about the phone bill.

Sometimes, just to hear that they're eating and pooping and playing makes you feel better. I know it's helped with my anxiety over leaving Coop when I travel.

I also leave her the phone number of our vet AND the phone number of a good friend of mine who has cats and doesn't live too far away, just in case of an emergency.

Hope this helps!
Coop's Mom


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Purred: Mon Jul 23, '12 8:15pm PST 
Way back when we were free feeding dry food I went on a 3 day trip and left two cats at home. they had 2 full feeders of food, 2 gallons of water (one gallon in each water feeder) and 4 litter boxes. They were fine. This was also when the weather was mild and we didnt have to worry that the power would go out while its 100 degrees out.

But once we started timed meals, and especially now that they are wet timed meals- they go to the cat hotel for our trips.
I still worry, but the nice thing is I can call the pet hotel and they will tell me how they are doing and on one occasion took the phone to them so I could talk to them. Annabelle wasnt eating very much but after I talked to her on the phone she got her appetite back more.

Each time we have moved they end up spending the night at the pet hotel also for moving day. Its less stressful and I dont have to worry about any escapees. especially when we have people helping us to move. What I did this last time was we first brought them here to the empty house so they could smell it out and get a feel of it. We had this place for a few days before the actual 'move' date so we made a few trips over here with the cats. I even bought a new cat tree and it was the first furnature to be brought into the house- along with a litter box.So while we brought in small things (clothes and things that easily go into the car) the cats got to roam around the new place. Then after the big move, when we picked them up from the pet hotel we brought them straight here to the new place and they settled in right away. all thier stuff was here (they checked!)
Anyways I went off on that tangent to say that I do love using the pet hotel services (we have a local petsmart pet hotel that I really like). They even put up with my strange request: I bring my own jug of water because I dont give them tap water at home and I dont want the water to make them more stressed out.

Anyways I hope you remeber on vacation to enjoy yourself. Dont be afraid to call and check in with your pet sitter or with your pet hotel either. Leaving some clothes that smell like you is always a good idea. I carry a couple toys in my pockets for a day or two then leave the toys with the girls so they have my scent.

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