Pet Car Seat??

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I am about to drive 1200 miles and am trying to figure out the best way to take my cats. I have one carrier that could fit them both while lying down but doesn't give them much room to maneuver or stretch. They are both comfortable with their harnesses and being outside. I've read a lot of other threads that suggest getting them each his own carrier (especially since they're not small cats). I am hessitant about this, however, primarily because they are littermates who have never been apart, and one of them is pretty heavily dependent on the other one.

I was looking into the possibilities and found the pet car seats that are attached to the seatbelt and have a leash that can connect to a harness (mainly meant for small dogs, I know). I couldn't find any reviews for any of the products that made mention of cats and wanted to get opinions and see if anyone had insight. My hope was that it would allow them to have enough space to move and stretch while still being secure and being able to see me (they're both big mamma's boys).

Any advice/experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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My momMEE takes me and my two big brofurs, Mordred and Blue, to the mountains a few times a year. Each of the boys has his own carrier with a pad and a makeshift litterbox. But I, being a prinCESS, wear a harness and leash, and MomMEE puts the loop of the leash over the armrest on the front passenger seat. My carrier, with the door removed, is belted into that seat, so I can go in there, or walk to the back seat - and there's a litterbox on the floor behind the passenger seat. She bought one of those pet car seats 'cause sometimes I put my paws up to the window so I can look out, but I don't like it and won't use it.

Prolly, it'd be best to put each of your boys into his own large carrier like MomMEE does; that way, they'd each have a soft pad and a litterbox. 1200 miles is a very long way!! Put the carriers next to each other, and the boys will be able to see, hear, and smell each other, and they should be fine.

Good luck!!

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I use a dog car booster seat for one of my cats, Harley. I bought it for my terrier, it was one of the biggest I could find because my terrier was 15 pounds so it's a pretty good size. I decided to try it for Harley because she doesn't like to ride in a carrier and she gets carsick. If she's not in the carrier she often doesn't get carsick so I decided to try her in the booster seat to see if that would work well. So far she hasn't thrown up once when in the booster seat (knock on wood) and she seems to enjoy it.
It doesn't give a lot of space to walk around but she can stand up, move a bit or turn around in it. I am using a regular cat harness but I'm trying to find a dog seatbelt harness that will fit her instead. She needs a tiny one though because she's only 7 1/2 pounds.