Looking for multiple cat carrier

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Bumpurr the stroller I have can hold pets up to 35 pounds, and another stroller I almost bought goes up to 60 pounds. The one I have has a ton of room, I could fit 3-4 cats in it easily if I wanted. It is tall so they can easily stretch out too. It seems pretty sturdy, I've never had a cat able to get out of the stroller or tear the mesh or anything.
I don't put a carrier in the stroller, I just put the cats in the stroller...

The show cage I have is actually mesh on the top and halfway down the sides, so it provides plenty of air. It is the size of a double cage that you would see in a typical show hall. I always buy a double cage if I have just one cat showing anyway because the singles are way too small. I usually bring two cats most times anyway. I did get a single cage once when I only had one cat, then I realized how tiny it was-- luckily the person who was supposed to have the other side never showed up anyway. The cage I have can be divided into two but I've never had a reason to use the divider.
It is very sturdy and held up with metal poles so it's not going to come down easily. The doors have 2 zippers each so if I am worried the cats could open it I could just put a clip on the zippers to hold them together so it can't be opened. The doors are clear plastic so the cats can see out. You actually probably could hang a fan in there, it has clips in the top corners so that a hammock can be used so you could probably hook a fan on those, or attach it to the poles inside.

This is the one I have:
Show Cage

(that's my Maine Coon lying on top, and you can see it's not coming down LOL)

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Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Thank you all for your responses. They helped a great deal. I had no idea they made double compartment strollers for animals. I think this is the ticket for me. Thanks again for your help.

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