When you travel with your kitty--

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Mr. Tigger

Mr. Tigger
Purred: Wed Dec 7, '11 3:08pm PST 
what items do you pack for your kitty?

I make cat blankets and catnip toys. I would like to put together some type of travel package for cats, but not sure what to include. Any suggestions?

I am lucky enough to have a fantastic cat sitter across the street for my 7 furbabies. So I will probably never travel with my cats--afraid I might lose one.

Ideas appreciated!

Mom to Mr. Tigger


go getter kitter
Purred: Wed Dec 7, '11 10:28pm PST 
Food and water dish, food, treats, harness and leash if you are fool enough to allow them, litter and litter box, toys...and for us show kitties a whole small rolling case full of small trimmers, toenail clippers, coat sprays, dry shampoos, brushes, towels, q tips, hand sanitizer, etc etc etc.