Moving family with two furries

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Hello! My mom, dad, sister and I are moving in a few months from Florida to Chicago. I was mostly wondering what is best way for my sister and I to travel would be?
Mom and dad are taking separate vehicles, our car and dads work van. (We would rather all go together, but he has to take the van because it is part of his business.) Anyway, should we ride together in a large crate? Should I go with mom, and sis go with dad? We love each other and get along great, and might be a comfort to each other, but maybe in a long car ride, we could also argue. How do we work potty time? Mom has read stuff about light tranquilizers from the vet, but I'm a little scared of that. We've only been in the car for probably no more than a half hour, so I don't know how upset we might get on a long trip. Were not good on a leash, so how should the breaks out of the car go?

Similar questions have been asked but wanted to be a little more specific. Thanks for any advice!


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Wow, what a change in weather you're going to experience! smile
As to the travel, make sure you and your sister are chipped - just in case. Wear a harness (not a collar) with the return-service's tag on it, along with an i.d. tag and your insurance tag (if you've medical insurance). Mom's found that the best harnesses are the small dog harnesses that fit around the *shoulders* not around the neck. Make sure to have a soft nylon leash for each of you.

In the vehicle, it might be best if you each had your own kennel - more room that way. Mom takes us to her mountain cabin (a 5- to 6-hour trip) several times a year; we each have our own kennel - large enough for a bed and a make-shift litter box.

Since we've never traveled overnight, I'm afraid we can't offer any suggestions for that, but I hope we've helped!


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Yes, I hope our paws can handle the cold floors! Luckily we stay indoors!

Thanks for the info. We are chipped, but we will have to change the address on the chip. Thats funny, mom never even thought of that, but it is definitely needed.

Yes separate crates will be good, itll be more comfy.
Thanks again smile

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If you have a few months before the move, I suggest putting you two in your carriers and go for longer rides, to get you used to being in the carrier for longer times. Also, there are small, disposable litter boxes that can fit into a good sized carrier.

My cat Louie walks on a leash, and I also got him the small dog harness and a retractable leash. On these "practice" rides, if there is a park nearby, you could take walks to get you used to this before the move.

Good luck, and yes, you all will have a BIG change in the weather. When you get to your new home, it is best of you are both confined in one room with food, water and litterbox. A Feliway plug in would not be a bad idea as well. This room should remain closed until everthing has been moved into the house, and only your family is there.

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All I can say is stay sane. big grin

18 months ago I moved 14 cats from a city to small farm in the hills 250 miles away. We rented a cargo van just for the cats (and my two dogs) 'cause it had a great air conditioner. We moved during a summer heat wave. Anywho, all cats were crated/in carriers. Those that couldn't be separated from their BFF were in rather large crates together and those that wanted to pout on their own were in carriers. Everyone had a litter box and a water bowl. Which each one turned over. On purpose. After they got over the shock of ::gasp:: being moved and stopped flipping water bowls, they for the most part calmed down then slept.

That was a very long five and one half hour journey but it worth every gray hair on my head. big grin

OH! I do advise that you never let the cats out of their carriers until they are in a secure room. No little walks in pet yards, let them use the litter box for that. Chances are they will not want to eat either.

Aren't I just a little ray of sunshine.

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I laughed and laughed at your story of moving such a huge furry family. I know they must enjoy being on such a large piece of property.

Only time I ever had to move animals was in November, 2007, when I moved from my FEMA trailer (lost my home of 44 years and four cats in Hurricane Katrina), with four cats to my townhouse. It was only about seven miles from the property where the trailer was located, so no big deal. I had gone the night before and put a Feliway plug in in the upstairs bedroom, because the movers had nothing to put in there. A friend helped me to load them into the car, and followed me to the house. We each carried two carries up the stairs, and I had gone first and put out litter box, food and water dishes and some cat beds.

When the movers put all the furniture in place, I went upstairs and opened the door. First shock was their seeing stairs, they never had before. But within a couple of days were running up and down the stairs and enjoying the new house.

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