Kitten siblings getting along

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Miss Callie

Calico Cutie- Queen
Purred: Thu Oct 20, '11 7:04am PST 
I rescued 4 newborn kittens in my backyard in September. Tehy were 4 weeks old at the time. I sas able to adopt out two of them. I have a male and female left and they are not getting along. At first I thought it was play fighting, tusseling and rumbling. But the male seems to dominate the female and pins her down while bitting her until she meows so loud. He chases her and when he catch her, he straddles her until she can not get away. They are only 8 weeks old. Is this just normal siblings at play or is this a more serious agression.

Blaze- (Striped- Seven)

TICA MS. (HHP- Champion)
Purred: Thu Oct 20, '11 5:13pm PST 
I have 4 siblings and the males all do that to their sister even though they're all spayed and neutered. They do get along though besides that so I don't think it's a big problem.


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Purred: Fri Oct 21, '11 2:16pm PST 
Eight weeks is still young! I don't rehome my cats until they are three months old, because at two months, they're still babies. That kind of fighting is part of what socializes them (they learn boundaries through play fighting), and yes, those fights can get pretty rough. It's not uncommon to have a cat that age who's had its whiskers all chewed off in fights. In my experience, the girls usually give as good as they get, so I wouldn't worry unless you see blood being shed. THEN you may have a psychotic kitty on your hands, but I've never seen a kitten fight that produced blood. When I let my stud out to play with "the guys," Harvey, who is a bully, will sometimes challenge him and end up with a scratch on his nose (and a puzzled look in his eyes), but these are grown cats who are having territorial and ego issues.


Purred: Sun Oct 23, '11 10:46pm PST 
Yep, that sounds normal to us. I like to still go after my sister Zoey and sometimes will pin her down till she says stop. With us it is just play. We wrestle alot. Mommy sees Zoey starting it alot of the times. We take turns going after each other. Sometimes mommy has to tell me to cool it a bit because I forget that I am bigger than her. Sometimes I will have Zoey's fur in my mouth! But it all seems to be in fun and no one has gotten hurt.

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