She was a little trooper!

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Purred: Sat Oct 8, '11 9:04pm PST 
I'm so proud of my little pumpkin, I just have to share! laugh out loud We went on a 7 hr drive to our new home on Friday and survived to tell about it. big laugh

I tried to medicate her with a sedative from the vet, but either it didn't get in her mouth (dang pill as so small from being quartered) or it just didn't affect her because she was *not* sleepy. However, after the first hour of silent meowing (seriously, how pitiful is that?) and trying to dig her way out of the carrier, she settled down. At rest stops she would get up and stretch (in her carrier, I did not let her out), meow some more as if to ask "are we there yet, mom?".

In the new apartment, I kept her in the bathroom while the move was going on, and she promptly used the potty (yay!). Then hid in her "hut" that she loves until that evening.

Today she inspected every inch of the new place and has decided it will do. big grin

I was so nervous she would freak out on the drive, and she was so good! So proud of my baby!!


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Purred: Sun Oct 9, '11 7:43pm PST 

Welcome to your new home!!

applause way to go Isabella!! What a good little traveller and mover she is. You should be so proud of her and of yourself too. Sounds like you did everything right and she felt calm and secure about the move. applause

way to go

Tink the Cat

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Purred: Tue Oct 11, '11 11:16am PST 
We're thrilled for you that it went SO well!! Thanks for sharing your experience. We enjoyed hearing about your GOOD KITTY!!
Hope your move turns out to be the best thing you ever did! Way to GO, Isabelle! Luv, Tinkway to go