X-country moving!

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Hi everyone! My mom is getting ready to move me cross country and we can't afford to fly. Does anyone have any tips for keeping me calm and safe while on this trip? I have my own private carrier with the bowl and water but shes really not sure how to keep a catbox within reach. She is also thinking of using something to keep me calm-does anyone have suggestions on any products that might help? Thanks a bunch for reading!
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Cullen: The vet can give your mom some meds to help you stay calm. And get those disposable litter boxes, you can use them and throw them away. Put out the carrier right away, in case you have not already, put treats in there and favorite toys.

Good luck, we know there are CATSTERS here who have moved long distances with their cats, and can offer more tips.

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If you aren't traveling more than about 10 hours a day you will probably end up holding it till you get there anyway, but if your carrier is small get your person to stop and put a litter box on the floor and let you out of the cage every 400 miles or so. Rory and I usually sleep the whole time we are in the car with no help, even when we went 500 miles in one day. Maybe if you start practicing a little by going to Wendy's for a vanilla Frosty every few days or just a few miles down the road then have a petting and kitty treat session you won't think riding in a car is so awful and you won't have to be medicated.

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Purrcy's mumma here -
I am planning on taking Purrcy camping soon. I bought a crate/kennel that will fit in the back of my car that will accommodate a small litter box and a bed. I bought dishes that attach to the inside of the bars for food and water ( I don't expect he will eat and drink much while we are traveling, but I want it available).
Purrcy is pretty good in the car, but we have never traveled quite this far (about a 6 hr trip).
Some folks medicate their cats for travel - I'm not sure I would feel comfortable with that though - can you ask your vet for ideas for keeping your cat calm?
Good luck and safe travel!


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Pack a small shoebox full of litter with several plastic bags as liners. I moved my 8 yr old cross country, 4 days, 8 hours in the car each day. she did absolutely fine. peed/pooped once a night in the hotel. she got a big dinner but almost no breakfast. occasional treats in the car, but not much. she was uninterested in water while in the car.

depending on your cat's food type, pack a treat jar full of kibble; bring a plastic lid for canned food; small bowl for water.

my cat was just harnessed into the car with no carrier. she HATES carriers, but doesn't mind the harness. the leash was tied to parts of the car so she could not go far in the front. she had room in the back to climb around if she wanted and could see out the windows. we brought her cushy bed with us and she spent most of the day in that.

she behaved better than a human child....

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I recently moved across country by car with 2 cats and blogged about the adventure. I included lots of tips that you might find helpful. Check it out here: http://madcats.tumblr.com/
In general, it wasn't as bad as I was expecting, but preparing adequately is critical and knowing your cat's personality and reaction to travel and new places is key.
Good luck!

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My brother drove with his cat to his new house from IL to NH... He used a medium sized plastic airline type dog crate so that he could put a litterbox inside it and still have comfortable space for the cat...
I would make sure to have a collar with ID tags that have your cell phone number just in case and also have your cat microchipped if he's not already.
Personally if it was me I'd have a harness and leash on the cat too just in case and to let them stretch their legs (inside the car) safely during stops but then again all my cats are harness trained so they are ok with wearing that...

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I just recently moved my cat Obie from Grand Rapids, MI to San Diego, CA. I had planned on stopping every so often and letting him out of the moving van on a leash. I only ended up doing that twice. He never used the bathroom while we were driving. He held it until we got to a hotel. He also didn't eat much or drink much along the way either. I had a sport carrier for him to ride in, but he ended up wanting out to roam around the car. He spent most of the trip under the drivers seat.

Before we moved, Obie hated the car. We went on an hour long trip with him once before this and he cried the entire way. He was actually surprisingly really well behaved on the move!

Good luck!

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We might be going from Toledo, Ohio to Mesa, Arizona. a 3 day drive eek

i know when i took the cats to the vet and when i had to move an hour away it was a NIGHTMARE. I thought about flying them, but the more i think about it, the more it scares the H*** out of me!