Boarding vs. Flying to Florida for 2 weeks with Mum for vacation? Need Advice

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It Ain't Easy- Being Me....
Purred: Sun Aug 16, '09 9:12am PST 

Recently, I drove from CT to Maine (3 hours) with my mom and aunty. We left late at night and I hated it. I cried and couldn't settle because the lights on the other cars distrubed me. I would try to curl up in the crook of mom's are. I was fine when I got there and enjoyed the sun porch at the beach house. Different bugs hang out in Maine. Came home during the day and I did okay. I curled up and slept in the crook of mom's non driving arm the whole way home.

I think I'm a pretty brave kitty. I love exploring the outdoors supervised and love to climb in the tree. Mom and I live alone so we really are very attached to each other. So, here's the deal. Mom any my family live in Florida and we haven't seen them all together in 1 year (I'm just a year old btw). Mom is planning to go and see them in December for about 2.5 weeks and she's trying to figure out whether or not it is a good idea to take me.

I would have to be able to fit in a carrier that goes under the seat so she's nervous that she mgiht make the reservation and I can't fit in the carrier. I'm not fat, but I think I'm long and we don't know how much more I'll grow in the next few months. So that is potentially one problem.

There is a lay over so mom will have a chance to take me out in between flights. Flight time total with the change of planes is about 4 hours. Mom is worried that I will cry and not stop so she thinks she will need to sedate me. She's nervous about me having a reaction to the sedation. Another problem.

Just in general, she wants to make sure this is good for me. She knows she will miss me alot when she goes away and just wants me to be okay. In Florida, I would be out of the cold for 2 weeks and able to play on the big screened in porch. My auntie will be there too as well as my grandparents. I'll have a big new house to explore and Mom will make sure to bring all the things I need for my routine. Whatever is too much to bring, my grandma will go and buy me.

So, what do you all think? Should she take me or should she board me? She's had freinds come and stay while she travels but just thinks it's hard to ask people to do this over the holidays. Besides, the people who know us best is our moms and dads and we're always the best option for us...

Love to hear what you think... Ps...I weigh 9 lbs now....


The Tullster
Purred: Sun Aug 16, '09 10:36am PST 
Hi Jixie wave
Your Mom knows you best, but if it were us, our Mom would take us on the airplane. Since you are an only cat, and very bonded to your Mom, it might be rough on you to be separated for such a long time. It sounds like the only uncomfortable part of your trip would be the plane ride, since you adjust well once you are at your destination. Can you consult with your vet and see what kind of medications might help you feel less stressed during the plane ride? We've used Feliway in our cat carriers when we've gone on car and RV trips and it works great, but you might need something more than this for a plane ride.

We have never been on an airplane, but Mom has 2 co-workers who moved across the country with their kitties via airplane. They both said it was not that bad, but both kitties had some medication for the trip.

The other consideration is for your Mom - can she enjoy her vacation without you there? Our Mom can hardly stand to leave us alone for one night, but she is a big-time worrier laugh out loud

Hope it goes well, whatever you decide.


headed for the- light.
Purred: Sun Aug 16, '09 2:34pm PST 
Jixie, don't worry about fitting in the carrier--you would be surprised how easily you can fit in that size box. I AM fat, and will fit in one, and turn around even,though Meowma did get me a bigger one because she feels bad putting a fat, old kitty in a little container laugh out loud The smaller boxes actually make us kitties feel hidden and safe, when we are scared.
Anyway, our two cents-- does your person's family also have pets? You won't remember them after a year, most likely, and it could be a problem. Does the family love you ass much as your mommy does/ Think about these things, and if it's all ok, go to Florida!
However, I have to say that I get boarded, and seem fine when Meowma comes home, though she hates to do it--but I am old, and besides, when she goes 'wherever', she only stays in the hotel to sleep, so thinks that it's better not to leave me in an unfa


headed for the- light.
Purred: Mon Aug 17, '09 2:42am PST 
(sorry, interupted!)

unfamiliar place by myself most of the time. Besides, the vet techs all know and love me at the vet's office where I stay, and they do let me out of the cage into a special room sometimes--and give me my kitty treats and whatnot. I never seem stressed when Meowma comes to get me, and don't act out when I get home.
Meowma feels that though she really misses getting to sleep with and pet me while she's gone, she doesn't want to overstress me, especially because I am, um, middle aged .
She was considering taking me on a 'road trip' in the car, but decided it would be more for her than for me, so I don't have to go. I had rather stay here anyway, I am sure!


It Ain't Easy- Being Me....
Purred: Mon Aug 17, '09 3:54am PST 
Thanks for all your purrs of info.... I will be sure to share them with mom. Grandparents house does not have any other pets and all the family loves me. There will be a 4 year old that I haven't met but I'm sure I can avoid and out run here. There is lots of space at the house to play and hide. Mom will be going away for a week in September and will leave me here with a babysitter. She's stressed about it and I think it's good for her to have a break. I'll still have my routine but will miss her kisses while she's gone. I've got a good babysitter. I think I'll be going to Florida though. Mom is planning to have a conversation with the vet tomorrow but it looking more confident that she will take me. If I flip out during this trip, that's it. Mom will begin shopping for places that she trusts to take care of me when she has to travel. Thanks a buch...