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RESPECT The- Star!
Purred: Thu Jun 18, '09 3:43pm PST 
Instead of typing this for each post, thought I would just
do one post. big grin

Bumpurr and the kittens are show cats. They travel up to
7 hours, one way to a show, the norm I travel is 5 hours.

They sleep the whole way, unless I stop for bathroom or
tolls, then they get up, and say, are we there yet, nope,
not yet, they go back to sleep.

The key is to get them used to travel ahead of time, and
that they are comfortable during the travel.

They started learning, as 8 week old kittens. But its never
to late to teach them.

They eat in their carriers, so they associate the carrier as
a good thing. When I load to go to a show, I open the door,
they walk right in.

As time went on, I increase the amount of time, they
spent in their carriers, after they ate, so they learned, to
be in the carrier for an extended lenght of time.

I also put in 2 soft clean towels, and toys, they travel with
the same toys to shows, and the toys are put in their
bench cage. They are comfortable during travel, and the
toys are a scent from home. I also use a hard carrier,
that is large, so they have room to stand up, walk around.
stretch out and sleep. Bumpurr's carrier is rated for a
30 lb dog, he can stretch out and sleep.

I also started them out by taking short rides, and over
time, increased the ride time, so they got used to riding
for a long time.

Never feed an hour before you load, or an hour after you
get there.

I tried putting a cat box in the carrier, they never used it,
and ending up just making a mess, and had litter all over
them. But some that do travel to shows, do put a small
litter box in there, about the size of a cake pan.
Some put what is called, wee wee pads, under the towel or
blanket, just in case.

Always carry baby wipes, unscented, just in case.

Never take the cat out of the carrier, until you get where
you are going, ie, the show, or the hotel room, and the
door is securely locked.

Pet friendly hotels are Red Roof, Motel 6, Motel 8,
Comfort Inn, Quality Inn, La Quinta, and some Holiday
Inns. Some charge a pet fee, some do not. Some say they
will refund the pet fee, upon favorable inspection, the
next morning, mostly this is Holiday Inn. They hate me.
I "insist" upon an inspection "now", as he is not going to
be blamed, for damage, already there, and believe me,
there always is, so insist upon an inspection, now.

Some hotels require the cat be confined in a carrier or the
bathroom, this is mostly Holiday Inn. If the cat is very
well behaved, I wouldn't worry about it.

Put the cat box in the bathroom, that way, any litter, or
accidents, are easier to clean up, than on the rug.

Be respectful of the room, so its not ruined for the rest of
us. Sweep up any spilled litter, they have a small dustpan
and brush, at the dollor store. When you pick the cat
box or have to dump the whole thing, put it in a plastic
bag, like you get at the grocery store, tie it up, and then
put it in the trash.

Always, always, always, before you let the cat loose in the
room, check under the bed, ya would be surprised at
what you find under there, behind the dressers, check
that there are no holes in the walls, in the entire room and
the bathroom. Look for rodent or insect bait under the
bed, this will kill a cat if they should get into it.

Call ahead, to make sure the hotel does take pets, and
what their pet policy is, forgot, Microtell is another one
that takes pets.

If you get the cat used to travel, if you get the cat used to
being in the carrier an extended amount of time, if you
make the cat comfortable during the travel, it will all
go well.

The kittens first show, at 7 months old, was 5 hours one
way, they slept the whole way.

big grin big grin big grin big grin big grin big grin big grin big grin big grin big grin big grin big grin

p.s. always make sure your cat is utd on shots, and has
a rabies shot, if the state your going to, or thru, requires
it, and make sure you carry the records and cert with you.

**if** the state requires rabies, and you don't have the
shot, or the cert, and something happens, they may
seize and quarrintin the cat, at your expense.

Hope this helps, and best of luck in your travels.

Bam Margera

Deamon Cat of- Barker Street
Purred: Thu Jun 18, '09 8:17pm PST 
Bumpurr I think I'm gonna print this out for myself, Someone suggested to me a LARGE metal Dog Crate, I don't know if this is safe/wise what do you think?


RESPECT The- Star!
Purred: Fri Jun 19, '09 4:29pm PST 
You always want to transport the cat, in what you are going to carry the
cat in, to the show, or to the hotel. In my opinion, it is dangerous to
move the cat, from one enclosure, to another, before you get in a secure
area, like the show or the hotel. big grin

Altho, at shows, I have seen people transport the cat, in a large cage or
tent, then transfer the cat to a carrier. Granted, these are seasoned
show cats, but not something I would take the chance on, especially not
with a cat that is not a show cat and seasoned traveler.

One of my friends, who I occassionaly travel with, will let her cats loose,
in the car, once we get going. These are seasoned show cats and
seasoned travelers and are used to it. When its my turn to drive, I make
her put them back in their carriers.

I don't want to be responsible, if G forbid, we get in an accident, and the
cats get loose, or get loose thru an open window, when paying tolls, or
getting in and out of the car at rest stops.

Days Inn is another one that will take pets. big grin

I look at it like, I am the one that put the cat in the car, so its my
responsibility to get the cat there and back, safetly.

big grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grin

Bam Margera

Deamon Cat of- Barker Street
Purred: Fri Jun 19, '09 9:18pm PST 
Pawsome Bumpurr, so Bam sorry bub but you will seeing the world from your Cage!


-iTs aLl AbOuT- ME!!!-
Purred: Sun Jun 21, '09 10:58am PST 
great advice!!!! I really , really hate my carrier and associate it with vet trips, so mommy doesnt like to put me in it. I am not at all a seasoned traveler , but despite that I ride in a car only like 4 times a year and for 5 minutes each time when I go to the vet, I am really calm in the car. Instead of letting me loose she just puts my harness on (I am not harnessed trained , but I will tolerate it ) and I lie next to her on the seat. She holds my leash so I am not confined , yet she can control me and keep me from going under the seat or bothering the driver. Or she ties the leash to her wrist. I think this is safe and good for cats who dont like being confined. Even so , whenever I am in the car , the windows are rolled up the whole way and the AC is on. But I agree cats shouldnt be let loose in the car. A friend and neighbor of mommy's once had a bad fright when her cat , Mambroo , who was lose and riding in the front passenger seat next to her , almost jumped out the window while they were at a stop light. His mommy had to lean across the seat and pull him back , imagine if it would have happened while the car was moving??? She still lets her cat loose in the car , but now never rolls the windows down when he's in it. purrs,


RESPECT The- Star!
Purred: Sun Jun 21, '09 3:55pm PST 
Let me share a story. big grin

Was coming back from a show in Lancaster PA. She drove, her cats
were loose in the car, came to my turn, I made her put them back in.

In that general area, there are 2 rte 222's, one which takes you thru
a city, one that avoids the city. Her GPS took us thru the city going down,
coming home, I wanted to avoid it coming home, altho part of 222 is
a 2 lane. It was late at night and dark, was on the 2 lane, watching for
the sign to take us around the city.

All of a sudden, there it was, didn't see it until I was on top of it.

A huge deer laying in the middle of the road. Slammed on the brakes,
and tried to avoid it, by going around it, and not getting hit by
on coming traffic.

Everything went flying forward. Good thing, stuff was pretty tighly
packed, so not alot of movement.

But what if her cats were loose in the car?

They could of gone flying thru the windshield, or hit the windsheild,
and been hurt and scared.

Always rag her for letting them loose, told her, that is exactly why, they
shouldn't be loose in the car. big grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grin


I tend to live- up to my name
Purred: Mon Jul 20, '09 4:00pm PST 
Great advice! Thanks!

I'm going to be showing my 5 month old kitten in two weeks. She's not afraid of her carrier, in fact she plays in it since it is left opened on the floor. I've just been worried how she'll do during the car ride - it won't be anywhere near as long as yours, tho. Only about 30 minutes, however the longest she's been in a car is for about 5 minutes (cause that's how long it takes to get to the vets)


Purred: Fri Jul 31, '09 10:04am PST 
You should put your cat in a carrier and put a towel in it if they have to go to the bathroom, they always go when they are nervous. Cats do not like traveling. If they are not familiar with where they are going they will meow. They also do not like moving.