Finally! Someone has gotten a clue...

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Lizard Hunter- Extraordinaire
Purred: Wed Jun 3, '09 10:35am PST 
Pet Airline

Uncle Odinn

Maktig Odinn. - Skog Viking!!!
Purred: Wed Jun 3, '09 5:15pm PST 
Right you are Punkin!!!

Mom had thought about taking our doggy sisfur to 'sconsin to see gramma and grampa and all the cousins and stuffs...mom really wanted to drive up there with her, but she couldn't stay really long, so she thought about flying her up there...but the airlines won't let mom stay with her in the cargo hold (lucy is waaaay to big to fit under a seat! She'd need one of her very own! laugh out loud ). And no body could explain to mom why it was purrfectly safe for dogs and cats to be in the cargo hold but not her. She was pissed.

So now there is at last a better way!!!


The Tullster
Purred: Wed Jun 3, '09 7:23pm PST 
Oh Happy Day!!! This is terrific news. We are not planning any air travel anytime soon but we are always happy to see that there are good alternatives for pets who need to travel applause


true to my name!
Purred: Thu Jun 4, '09 12:43am PST 
thats fantastic news!
we hope to relocate back to america in the next few years and i wouldnt go without my little white fluff ball
this sounds like a great alternative!
Ill have to keep my eye on this one.....happy dance


Lizard Hunter- Extraordinaire
Purred: Thu Jun 4, '09 6:40am PST 
My first thought when I saw the story was how the airline could help with the Catster and Dogster railroad. We here are hoping that they become very successful and expand their flights to other parts of the country.


The Silly Guy
Purred: Sun Jun 7, '09 4:38pm PST 
We just read some furry disturbing information about Pet Airways in Skeezy's travel blog. He said that kitties and doggies are not separated on the airplane so that you may be sitting in close proximity to dozens of barking doggies shock Oh my, this is not the good news we were hoping for...


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Purred: Mon Jun 8, '09 10:38am PST 
Also, I don't like the idea of traveling alone. I suspect Gracie (my sisfur) would be fine with it, but I get very panicked when I don't know where mom and dad are, and I would not enjoy the trip at all. Even having dogs at the other end of the plane without mommy nearby telling me "It's ok, you are safe" would make the whole experience terrifying. Someday, maybe someone will get it right...

KuJu Ku

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Purred: Mon Jun 8, '09 1:26pm PST 
Check with Continental, thats how we came from CA to NJ when we were 13 weeks young, In the middle of January ta boot.
They have a good Pet Policy.