Updating microchip info

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Purred: Fri May 8, '09 12:52pm PST 
I'm getting married in a couple of months and will be moving out of my family's house and bringing my two cats with me. Today they had their annual checkups and I decided to microchip them because I've been meaning to for a few years.

I'm going to mail in the registration forms under my maiden name at my present address, but after July it'll be out of date. So, all I have to do is just update my info at avidid.com right? Wrong, apparently. The website is barely a website; there's hardly anything there and they don't have what I need! I found another AVID site with forms for owner/address changes, but it was for UK residents only.

So... should I:

A. Call AVID right now

B. Call AVID after the wedding/move

C. Wait until after we move and ask the new vet

...or did I miss something?

Simon Singh

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Purred: Tue May 19, '09 11:49pm PST 
I kept the original forms from my first registration and mailed them in when I moved. I recommend you call Avid right away and ask them to mail you the forms. Or maybe they will accept the info over the phone (with a credit card.) Either way, call now and get the ball rolling.