Cat shows?

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Purred: Thu Feb 12, '09 11:10am PST 
I work at a hotel and my manager wants me to find out if any cat or dog shows are coming to the area so we can invite them to stay at our location.

I'm having a really hard time finding out, can anyone here point me in the right direction?

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Hya, Hmmm , Firstly I think you need to check out the cat clubs../Cat Show Groups..Tica is a big Cat organisation. (The International Cat Ass ,) Ask / look on their website for Shows in your area..and contact the Show managers stating You are a Cat Friendly Hotel and can offer reasonable rates for Cat Show Exhibitors ./ Block bookings etc. That would be the first port of call .also advertise in Cat Mags ..Id contact TICA or CFA..and check out their lists of Shows in your area.Most shows are planned a yr or there abouts in advance ..so you need to make contact ..then as people look to enter the show they will be looking for accomodation near the venue at a price that seems reasonable. I show Tica in UK and we have what we call " Show Hotels" on our Flyers ..Good Look . We exhibitors are always searching for Cat Friendly Hotels. Purrs Alfie
Tica,s website ...

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Wow, Purgatory--now that's an unusual name!

Aside from TICA, the CFA is the major cat show organization in the U.S. (Cat Fanciers' Association.) They have a website, which is a bit hard to navigate, but that should give you a start regarding where and when CFA shows will be held. I'm in Japan, so I look up this stuff on the Japanese site, but I imagine (haven't checked) that there must be show schedules on the American site as well.

As for cat-friendly hotels--thank you, thank you, thank you! I've gone out of Tokyo for a few shows, and it's always been necessary to reserve one of the few hotels connected with the cat show well in advance. And then there are rules to follow when you stay with your cat in a hotel--you're supposed to keep it in some kind of enclosure (like a SturdiShelter), although if you have an altered cat that has good toilet manners, a lot of people just let Mr./Ms. Kitty roam around the room (shh!!!). The other thing is that one is not allowed to leave any garbage in the room--obviously, this refers mostly to cat waste products, but when I stay in a hotel with my cat, I take EVERYTHING away, including such innocent things as empty Coke cans. Otherwise, the few hotels who are willing to let cat show people stay with their cats will get angry and stop allowing this. Fortunately, all the cat show people I know follow the rules (except for those of us who let Kitty sleep with us at night...shh...), and I've never heard of any big problems. But it's a fact that there aren't enough hotels, at least in Japan, that are willing to let cats on the premises, so I wish you luck!

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We must be totally laid back if other hotels are like that lol big laugh The only time your pet is required to be kenneled here is when housekeeping enters your room lol

Thanks for the info, I'm going to see what I kind find with what y'all provided me. big grin


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Cat Fancy magazine has a monthly listing of various cat events all around the country. The magazine usually comes out at least a month before the events. It might be worth a look next time you are at the store. I think the listing is towards the back of the magazine.

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Actually, two months before. You could check their website: www.catchannel.com. B ut I think TICA or CFA's websites might have more info.


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we don't travel for cat shows, but we do travel with cats on occasion (we used to take Boris with us all the time when he was an only cat because he hated being home alone). If travelers who have cats is something you are looking to cater to, I can tell you that my go to websites for booking hotels who will allow kitties are petfriendlyhotels.net and petswelcome.com. So you might want to find out if you are listed on those, and if so, I am sure you could contact someone about being added to their listings.

I feel bad about it, but unless we are staying more than a day, I usually put up the "come back later" sign for housekeeping until we leave the next morning. It is generally easier for me to clean up after the kitties that way, they won't scream bloody murder about being crated (enclosures do not work with my two jumpers), and I figure makes it less of a hassle for the staff to clean when they do get access to the room if they don't have to watch out for darting cats. confused