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Moving Cross Country with 2 people, 4 cats

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Delyte, Dark- Angel, at- Bridge

Me and my- person, together- against all
Purred: Mon Jan 19, '09 10:00pm PST 
This is Delyte. You should be careful if you are planning to transfer a cat from a carrier to a cage, or any kind of transfer. Once when our people were travelling they met some people in a rest area whose cat had escaped from its carrier while they were stopped and they could not get it back and had to leave it there. As our person is very aware, cats can get scared easily and will run if frightened. It would be better to put the cats in carriers with a small kitty litter pan and some water, and only take them out for food and exercise if you stop at a motel or something like that, or when you arrive at your destination. Watch out for motel rooms that have places where the cat can hide under something and you can't get it out, too!

What an epic trip you are planning! Cats mostly do not like car trips, with a few notable exceptions, and the quieter they are during the trip, the better it will be. Our person has seen people driving with cats laying on the dashboard or on the back when cars had that neat shelf under the back window. We have friends who travel 100 miles each way for vacations and they love it, but they had to get used to it from kittenhood. They are definitely nothing like any of the cats our person has had. wink

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