Thoughts on moving with a kitty

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Purred: Sun Apr 20, '08 6:23pm PST 
I am moving from San Francisco to Madison, WI in August, and I have a few concerns about getting my cat there safely and as happily as possible.

First, the flight. I've got the booking process, the carrier, and the object to make her comfortable down. All the sites seem to cover this. But none of the tips I've seen online have talked about how to provide "bathroom" time for the cat. Madison is so out of the way that the shortest flight-time + layover I can find is about 8 hours. What do I do about litter? Also, any other tips about flying with Sapphy in the cabin are welcome!

Second, I am moving from a tiny studio apartment where she is the only pet to a large house with two housemates, two other friendly cats, and a sweet Great Dane. Now, my cat is very social with humans, and she has lived with iguanas, other cats, and a large (but no Dane-sized) dog before, but it's been at least two years since she's lived with other animals. She also tends to be highly adaptable, adjusting to new apartments quickly when she gets there. Any thoughts on acclimating her to the other critters? I am particularly concerned because three weeks after I arrive in my new place, I have to get on a plane again to go to my brother's wedding for four days, and she'll be home with my housemates!

Any help is much appreciated!


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Purred: Mon Apr 21, '08 4:59pm PST 
Mom drove me from New Orleans to Chicago once. It was 14 hours. I didn't pee until we got there (but boy, did I hit the litter box as soon as we got there, or what? wink).

My guess is that Sappho will be worried enough about what is happening that peeing will be the last thing on her mind. Mom was also told to limit fluids and food overnight when it comes to large trips, but she says that's excessive. She says you might want to take food/water away about 2 hours before you leave. Litter box should be available until you pack her up to go.

If you want/have the space, you could carry a disposable box with you, and make it available during layovers, but I wouldn't recommend it unless Sappho is not the type who tries to escape once you free her from a carrier (I am). Definitely be sure to have a litterbox available ASAP after the flight. And you know, if Sappho has an accident, she'll be unhappy, but it will be a temporary bump on the road to a continued happy life with her human, which is much to be preferred to being given away to someone else who might or might not treat her nicely. shh

You've done your homework for the most part, so now the main thing is not to stress too much. That would make Sappho more stressed out, and you don't want that.


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Purred: Thu Apr 24, '08 9:51pm PST 
I am not sure about flying with kitties and would be interested to know what airline you found that allows them in the cabin.
As for when you reach your knew home, I found that when I got another cat they both appreciated their own personal space. Being able to have a closed room to eat, sleep, and use the potty with out confrontation will mean the world to Sappho during the transition. It will also help all the animals be able to sniff each other out through the door before being face to face. Then after a few days or so they will not be as intimidated by each other and Sappho can explore !
Hope this helps!