What is best for my baby?

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Purred: Thu Mar 13, '08 5:04pm PST 
We are going to be gone for 9 days and Gaston has never been alone more than 2 days. I have a friend who will stop by every other day. Its that or going to a pet hotel. I am so worried he will never forgive me this vacation that was planned before we adopted him.


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Purred: Thu Mar 13, '08 6:10pm PST 
Hi Gaston. We always stay home when mom goes on vacation. One of mom's friends come to see us every day.

Is it possible for your mom's friend to come everyday instead of every other day? Being an only kitty, you might get kind of lonely. Also, maybe a radio or something could be left on.

Tell your mom not to worry about you being mad. I think we tend to forget this stuff pretty quickly. When mom comes home from vacation we stick like glue to her.


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Purred: Fri Mar 14, '08 10:12am PST 
Make sure he has lot's of toys to play with while you gone, and if you friend can stop by every day that would be better. Maybe leave a window little bit open for him, but make sure that he can't get out or push the window open, (we don't want another missing kitty) so that he can get some fresh air and look at birdys. Radio or TV is a great idea too, Spike loves animal chanell.
And I always left Spikey at home when away and had one of my best friend stay at my house while I'm gone.