Traveling with a Cat

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The Mighty- Hunter
Purred: Thu May 11, '06 9:27pm PST 
Also a good idea to get a harness and leash, just in case. I tried to sneak into crevices like way under the seat and also under a pile of furniture when we had to move. A harness will help you not get too lost or far away from your mom. Plus you never know if a car door will open unexpectedly.
Don't forget:
1) Litterbox on the floor of back seat - offered to you at every stop
2) A dish of water available to you in your carrier or at every stop
3) Food for little snacks throughout the course of the trip. Your mom may sneak litttle bites into your carrier to distract you during the drive since you may be disoriented and scared to sit and eat a full meal during stops.
If the sun hits your carrier directly through the window you should be moved to shade or if it's hot, have your mom surround your carrier with cold bottles of water. Good luck!

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