Acepromazine, Cars and some place called Philadelphia

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Purred: Tue Dec 11, '07 4:09pm PST 
Meowmy has been very busy lately with this thing called finals. She's doing this thing called "grad school" that apparently makes her way more busy than she should be, but she promises it'll all be over soon. Anyway. Me and my fursister Sadie's Grandmeowmy live in this place called Philadelphia. We are southern kitties and have never been out of South Carolina, but apparently we're going for three weeks- on Friday!
Meowmy has been getting us ready by making sure we're used to being in the crates but she can't decide if we should ride in a bigger one together, or in two smaller ones separate. She is very nervous to be bringing us along in the car for 12 hours. Sadie doesn't mind it so much but I get scared, and we've never done rides longer than about 20 minutes. The V-E-T gave meowmy some Acepromazine to calm me down, but she's nervous. Has anyone ever taken it before? She feels kind of obligated to give it to us, because we will be riding in a friend's car. She has also tried to buy us harnesses, but since Sadie is still not all the way big, and I am...well big enough for both of us, she's been having some trouble.
I am very excited to get back to the "northern roots" I didn't know I had...Meowmy is silly, thinking kitties have roots. But I feel bad, because she is worried. How can I help her?

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Purred: Tue Dec 11, '07 7:18pm PST 
I have driven coast to coast twice with mom and did really well. My sister Furie was with me and she was always a screamer in the carrier. Well, she screamed for about 1/2 hour and then calmed right down. We both just chilled out for most of the car ride. I bet you will do the same.

If you feel better giving a sedative that would be ok too. I took one of those when I had to fly from one coast to the other. I did fine. I would suggest taking one ahead of time just to make sure it doesn't get you sick.

You will all be fine. Good luck.

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Purred: Wed Dec 12, '07 5:08am PST 
Acepromazine is what I took to travel. I had asthma and really
didn't like riding and it would set off a serious attack... so mama
talked to the vet about how to travel with me for visits. Mama
laughed at me a lot when I took it. Walking isn't easy when you feel
like you're floating... MOL!! Only thing is, they told mama to give it
to me about 30 minutes before leaving... I was a big kitty and she
learned it took almost an hour for it to work on me. Also, it only
lasts about 4 hours or so (depending on the cat) so make sure your
mama has a couple more for the whole trip and the trip back. Enjoy
the ride!!!


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I think the sedative might help your older cat enjoy the ride a bit more and be less stressed. This might in turn help her get over her fear of cars.

Once you do have more time, though, it is good to car train your cat. I hated car rides, but meowmy has been doing this thing where she's taking me outside in the crate almost every day, either walking me down to the big yard behind the apartment (then we sit and listen to the birds), or taking me on short car rides. I am doing better with them now that I realize we never seem to go to the vet anymore (I almost miss the lady), although I still panic when/if we hit road bumps. I always get treated to Greenies when we come home, extras if I've been very good and have not been crying at all. smile

Mom is looking to take me on more car rides before Christmas, and longer ones too. I will have to spend a lot of time in cars because the pawrents are traveling a lot, and don't want to leave me at home alone. Mom is hoping that by the time we leave town in a week and a half, I will be A-ok with the car. Dad called the vet and a vet tech swore by giving a cat a half of a children's benadryl, but mom doesn't feel inclined to medicate me just to make me more pliable (plus I can be a pain after being pilled, so that strategy might backfire), so she is hoping that some feliway in the crate and the training will do it.

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Purred: Thu Dec 13, '07 12:48pm PST 
We drove from NY to MN this year. Our mommy too thought about sedatives, but our cat sitter and our vet said we would be fine wihtout and we were. Mommy put us in one big carrier today, we whined for a few minutes, then we calmed down and were fine.


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Purred: Sun Dec 30, '07 10:44pm PST 
Thanks for all your help everyone!
The trip went ok...it started off with a sedative and Sade did great from the start, but I cried in my crate for an hour and a half until I got so upset I just threw up. At 7 am, Meowmy was outside at a gas station with paper towels cleaning things up- yuck! It could have been much worse. I got on my harness and leash and I've never really liked it before but it was a lifesaver...I got to be a lap kitty for 12 hours! That was the best part. We didn't even need our medicine after the first dose, and I don't think we're going to take it at all on the way home! We are getting ready to go back to the south. It's been a rough few weeks, cause Grandmeow and Grandpaw's kitty doesn't like us southerners- so we've had to stay upstairs and away from the fun a whole lot more than we would have liked...but, we still got plenty of love and some great treats for Christmas!