what's the best way to cross country during winter?

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Purred: Mon Nov 27, '06 10:50pm PST 
Hi friends,

I need to get back home to my mommy, I'm in Ohio, and she's in San Francisco. I have a little brother who will be travelling with me, and only one mommy to transport us.

We're afraid to travel on an airplane (in cargo because my mommy can only have one of us in the cabin,) we're excellent drivers! We love road trips, but I'm 15 yrs. old and 7 days in a car is might be a little too much at my age.

Does anybody have advice for the three of us? We really need to be together - soon - but we all want to be safe.

Many thanks,

Louie, Simon, and Mom


Lazy, Lazy, Lazy
Purred: Tue Nov 28, '06 10:19am PST 
Do you have a friend that can come w/ your mom to help transport you? I know that can get expensive, but your mom might have a friend that wants to see San Francisico. That way both of the kitties can ride in the cabin.
If you do well in a car though, I think you should be fine travelling that way. Be sure to make plenty of stops to allow for bathroom breaks and sips of water. Stay in a hotel every night to allow for relaxing and food. I would be you would do just fine. The other option is to fly one of you in cabin and the other in cargo.