Question for all experienced Car Travelers

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♫Lucy&- #9835;- 1998-2012

Don't bother- me, I'm- sleeping
Purred: Tue Nov 28, '06 7:41pm PST 
I moved once frm Seattle to southern California, it took two days.
Mom went to great lengths to make me a litter box out of a large shoe box with an attached lid. We stayed in a hotel 1 night and I used it there, but for much of the time I stayed in a ball hoping the trip would end soon.
Unlike dogs, cats are pretty good at "holding it".

♥Madd- y- McCatterson

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Purred: Wed Nov 29, '06 12:46am PST 
I moved from Texas to Southern California and my mom put my covered litter box in the seat and I rode in it most of the time. I travel a little like a dog in that I want to look out the windows and lay in the seat. I also used my litter box in the hotel when we stopped, BUT I slept in the sink. MOL.

Sneakers, I- miss you

Got Milk?
Purred: Wed Nov 29, '06 6:09pm PST 
What I do is use a carrier that's big enough for a nice bed and a small litterbox, that way kitties can "go" whenever they need to!

Randsom of- Red Chief

The Tough Girl
Purred: Tue Dec 5, '06 9:45am PST 
I have never gone that far in a car, but my Mom and Dad have taken me to Portland OR for shows, the drive isnt too long... just a few hours but Mom always just buckles my carrier in the back seat.
When we go to shows I always just wait to potty either in the hotel room or wait till we get back home. The first time I stayed in a hotel my mom really worried becuase I went over 12 hours with out pottying... but I was nervious so didnt want to go until I really needed to.

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