So Scared about Moving from Australia to Canada - Long - Please help!

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Purred: Mon Nov 13, '06 4:01pm PST 
Hi everyone,
Our human friend is moving alot of us from Australia to Canada & is starting to freak out with worry about it and I"m hoping we can get her some advice from you fellow travelling cats!
Laws here require us to travel in Cargo, and the company mom spoke to (JetPets) will want to pick us up the day before the flight for vet inspection & overnight boarding (mom doesn't like the idea of us stressing out in boarding a night before).
Then mom seems to have 2 options, and she's not sure which one to do...
1. Fly them with Air Canada to Vancouver, in which case the plane touches down in Honolulu for 1 1/2 hours and the cats are kept on the plane during that time...mom's sooo worried about the 2 take off and landings and the fact we'll be under there for at least 90 minutes on the tarmac.
2. Take a single flight to San Fran, rent a van or winnebago or something and drive up to Vancouver. The problem with this is that if we are imported from the USA, we may need to get rabies vaccinations done (Canada has different import rules depending on whether cats are being imported from rabies free country or not). Mom is a bit naive about rabies (its spiders & snakes we have to worry about here) but has been told that it is law that all cats in Canada be vaccinated against rabies...is this right and are ALL cats, including indoor cats always vaccinated? We are all indoor kitties, but mom read that rabid bats can fly into the house and bite us. My sister Samantha is a sensitive kitty and has had bad reactions to vaccinations before and mom is scared of her getting vaccinated, but if it has to be done, it has to be done (she'd love to hear what you have to say on this). I also have 2 brothers who are healthy, but FIV+ and mom is worried about them being vaccinated. If they will need to be vaccinated anyhow, it may be better if she gets it done now & drives up through the USA to save us the stress of the stopover in Hawaii. The car drive up will be stressful for mom (she's worried she'll drive on the wrong side of the road!), but not bad for us....we're all pretty cool in the car!
Oh, and there will be alot of us, which also worries mom. Maybe as many as 15 of us!!!! Mom's getting in touch with customs to get as much info as she can (but so far keeps getting crazy phone messages telling her to ring back b/w 9-5, when it's actually 11am there...weird), but is wondering if anyone has had any experience with going into canada with multiple pets (apparently they may require her to prove we are domestic pets, as opposed to cats for profit), but she wonders if there may be other issues.
So far she has spoken to a group called JetPet, but wonders if there are other pet transport groups people would recommend?
She is so worried and has to book us in within the next 14 days, so please help her with advice if you can.
Thanks so much!


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Purred: Mon Nov 13, '06 5:15pm PST 
Can't offer too much help here but have you gone to this website:

http://www.inspection.gc.ca/english/anima/heasan/import/ catse.shtml

You can submit your questions to Canada customs from there.
If you phoned today it's a holiday here for government workers so that's probably why you got the message you did.
Each municipality in the country has its own law regarding rabies vaccinations requirements. Regardless of that if you import through the US the kitties will need to be vaccinated. For the ones who are FIV+ I would be concerned about this. Many vets recommend vaccinations be given only to 100% healthy kitties.
Hopefully some other kitty can help you out more.


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Purred: Mon Nov 13, '06 6:46pm PST 
Okay,baby,don't panic..i live in Canada,and tomorrow i'll go take some information for you and your furfamily..but let me give a round of applause o your mom,who doesn't even think about abandoning you and the family on the Outback but instead cares (and a great deal!) about your safety..by the way,where in Canada?
I have to know so i can take as much infirmations i can..you can e-mail me personally,if you feel more comfortable...i'll let you know as soon as i can...when do you have to leave? Love,Grisu'

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Purred: Tue Nov 14, '06 7:56pm PST 
I don't know about the specifics for Canada and there are probably people here who can help you with that better than I could.

One thing though: you need to find out if the transit through the US is even possible. Many countries require that the animal to be imported has been in the source country for at least 6 months and has a health certificate from that country.

In the US rabies laws are different from state to state, but I think most states require rabies shots. If you come from Australia you can probably enter Canada without the rabies shot since AUS is rabies free. But if you come through the US you may need it and typically it has to be more than 30 days and less than 1 year old.


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Purred: Wed Nov 15, '06 3:45pm PST 
You can contact William Wallace's Mom he is an AZ kitty that found a forever home in Canada through Catster there are issues with needing Rabies vaccines and health certificates
here is William Wallace's page