Should My Daddy Train me to Stay in the crate before flying?

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Purred: Wed Oct 25, '06 5:26pm PST 
Hi. I and Pretty Cat are traveling to South Korea as some of you already know, and my dad started to train us to get used to the crates. Once a day, he puts us into the crates and let us stay there for about 20 min. We bug out!! We cry, try to get out by scratching, and just feel horrible. My dad gives us treats as soon as he lets us out but my dad is worried that whether this is the right way to train us or even this is neccessary. If you know any good way to train cats to get used to the crates, let us know. Nonetheless, please give us some advice!! Thank you!

Fatso, Pretty Cat, & Joon (Da daddy)


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Purred: Wed Oct 25, '06 5:39pm PST 
I think it is an excellent idea to train the kitties prior to thier long ride, 20 minutes might be too long for starters though. I would try shorter times several times throughout the day working upwards a minute or two on each occassion.
Good luck with your long, long trip!


friendly &- scared
Purred: Thu Oct 26, '06 7:05am PST 
Thank you for your tip! Yeah, Pretty and I were really bugged! My dad should start with a few min. each time. Will let you know how it goes...


Purred: Sun Nov 5, '06 4:52am PST 
I think what you can do is give him a sedative (ask your vet). I took my cat with me to Europe, put the pill in a treat, he swallowed it no problem. He didn't say a word during the whole trip, even tho he was awake. A good idea would be to put a towel in the carrier that he could hide under. Also, what I did was put diapers on the bottom of the carrier in case there was an "accident".


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Purred: Sun Nov 5, '06 9:27am PST 
Allowing access to the carriers is a great idea. You should keep putting them in the carriers for short periods of time and allow them free access to the carriers as well. If they like catnip, sprinkle some inside. Put a t-shirt that smells like you inside the box. Make sure a favorite toy gets put in w/them as well. There are also products that help ease the stress. One is called Rescue Remedy (you put a few drops in thier water) another is Feliway (you can spray the carrier directly). Good Luck!!