For People Taking Their Cats Out Of China

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Purred: Sat Sep 16, '06 10:54pm PST 
Give my mom a holler. She can help! WE both did it and we didn't think it was possible.

(You can read my arrival story) But mom is willing to help. She's helping another woman right now :0) Her babies are from China and she is picking them and flying from Canada.


i wanna explore - let me out!
Purred: Sun Oct 8, '06 9:57am PST 
It's wonderful that you would do that what withthe chinese govermenet killing cats and dogs by the handful, keep an eye on saudi arabia they have just banned owning cats and dogs in public - you might wanna double check me but i think it was saudi arabia...


King Toblerone- the Tyrannosaur
Purred: Sun Oct 15, '06 3:08pm PST 
Sorry to revive such an old thread but...
I'm scurred!

Our entire family is moving to China soon, sometime in the next 6-8 months, and... we don't really know what to do.
See... our mommeh is going to go to Beijing to study Chinese, and our daddeh is going to go with her. And they want to take us too, but it's really hard for them to find info on how to get us over there and (even worse) back...
Do you have any tips?

I don't even speak Chinese! Wo... shi... mao?