Going on vacation

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Purred: Sat Jul 22, '06 2:17pm PST 
I am going away next week for 7 days, my cat never does well with cat sitters, she wouldn't come out from under the bed or eat last summer. Any ideas on how to keep her happy?


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Purred: Sun Jul 23, '06 9:28am PST 
Since your cat doesn't do well w/ people coming over to watch her, you may be better off taking her in to a boarding facility. In your case, since she stops eating (very dangerous in kitties as this could cause hepatic lipidosis), you may want to consider boarding at your vets office if they do that. That way they can monitor her food intake and force feed if she is not eating. Other than that, I am sorry I don't have other suggestions. Maybe give your vet a call and see if they can offer some advice.

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Purred: Mon Jul 24, '06 11:11am PST 
This might kinda late for you, but for next time...

You might want to take time for Polaris to get to know your friends...esp friends that love your cat and you trust to cat-sit for you. Then as it's getting close to your vacation, have your friends who are cat-sitting Polaris to visit every day in the last week you are here. Don't have to stay long, but just long enough for Polaris to recognize them and feel comfortable.

Then when you go on vacation, and your friend cat-sits, Polaris should be comfortable enough with your friend that it won't be so traumatic, and he can feel secure eating, sleeping, playing, etc.

Good luck!

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Purred: Fri Jul 28, '06 10:27am PST 
By pet sitters, do you mean just friends/relatives coming over, or professional pet sitters? And by "not doing well", do you mean you're scared of people coming into your house?

See, normally I was terrified of strangers, but not my petsitter. When she came over for the initial consult, I went to her immediately!! That' show Mommy knew she was the right choice, because typically I'd hide for at least an hour whenever someone came over. I was known to be a very skittish kitty, but I did much better with my sitter.

She was an animal keeper at Disney's Animal Kingdom and truly has a way with animals. Her husband told my Mommy that when the petsitter worked at AK, she'd know when an animal was sick or scared before any other human did.

Professionals generally have some kind of animal-care experience, like working at vet's offices. And they will do things your humans may not feel comfortable asking a friend to do for free, such as taking you to the vet if you're sick, changing litterboxes, staying around to play with you, etc. Mine even brings in the mail smile

If you're interested, you can find a sitter in your area at petsit.com.

Good luck!!!!


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Purred: Thu Aug 10, '06 11:35pm PST 
What I'm not crazy about is that the petsitter only comes for 20-30 minutes at a time. It is very traumatic I think when your cat is used to having you around much longer. We are really concerned about leaving our cat for a long time in that arrangement. Sigh.