Carriers: Hard or Soft?

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Miss Behavin'
Purred: Sun Sep 24, '06 7:18pm PST 
STAY AWAY FROM FROM SOFT CARRIERS! I have a soft carrier that my kitten nearly died in. It zippers shut and they can claw it open and get out. So the manufacturer has a clip that attaches the two zippers together so the opening they claw open isn't big enough to get out of. My kitten had stuck his head throught it and got stuck and srangeled herself. Good thing I noticed before it was too late.
Stick to hard carriers!


Molly ~ Meow!
Purred: Fri Sep 29, '06 7:49pm PST 
Arlene: That is the exact same kind of carrier I have and that is exactly how I get out of it! Ack! I need to get a new kind of carrier, my human is always worried that it looked like I was going to strangle myself!

Mickey- (adopted!!!)

Lil' Mickers
Purred: Sun Oct 8, '06 5:54pm PST 
We have always used the hard carriers. Especially for Sapphire because he's 13lbs and likes to run around the carrier when i'm carrying me. I think he likes knocking me over smile But, i've never tried the soft carriers. Also something you might want to consider is that if one of your cats get worried and wee in their carrier it's alot easier to clean out the hard carrier than the soft one. Good luck finding one that suits your kitties!


Stella for- President '08
Purred: Mon Oct 16, '06 4:12pm PST 
I like my soft carrier better. I figured out how to climb out of it, but I don't do it while mom's walking, and to be on the safe side my mom bought me a harness and lead. I like my soft carrier because my mom can carry me under her arm and I like being close to her. But, I also like it when my mom picks me up and carries me around, so that might have a lot to do with why I like this carrier better!

Bandit - Gone to the- Rainbow B

I'm a Bandit- I steal- everyone's- heart!
Purred: Fri Oct 20, '06 11:43am PST 
I've never been in a soft carrier, because my Mommy has only had hard ones... but I've seen the soft ones at the vet. My Mommy won't get a soft one because when she takes me in the car, she puts my carrier on the seat ( the front passenger seat if Daddy isn't there) and she fastens the seat belt! It goes perfectly over my carrier, as if the carrier was a person. This way, if someone should hit our car, I won't go flying and get hurt! The airbags in the car should help too... she doesn't think you can safely do that with the soft carriers. My Mommy used to be an EMT and rode a big ambulance that made lots of noise...so she knows a lot about car accidents! She doesn't let anyone ride in the car without seat belts! I had two sisters who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge now, but when we all had to go somewhere together (usually the vet!) no other humans were allowed in the car; except Mommy; because we all had to be seat belted in our carriers!


bite first and- apologize later
Purred: Sat Oct 21, '06 11:05am PST 
We have both hard and soft carriers.

In general, mom prefers hard carriers because they are easier to clean if something happens. My sister, Bacall, gets nervous sometimes and pees on the way to the vet.

But my brother, Dapple, is a nutcase and can't go in a hard carrier. He gets so stressed out that he tears up his nose and paws trying to get out of any cage. When he's in a hard carrier, he ends up all bloody and hurt. So he always travels in a soft carrier so he can't hurt himself.

My dog brother, Floyd, travels with our parents on airplanes and they use a soft carrier for that. They take him in the passenger part of the plane and the soft carrier fits under the seat where dogs are allowed to travel, but a hard carrier would never fit. If I ever fly on a plane, mom says that's how I'll fly, too.

Other considerations: Hard carriers tend to be cheaper than soft. Sneaky pets can undo zippers and Velcro on soft carriers. Soft carriers are often lighter weight than hard ones.


Don't leave me- alone!!
Purred: Sun Oct 22, '06 10:28pm PST 
Depends what you want to do with it. I have both, hard carriers for serious transport like moving or flying and soft-sided leather carriers for short trips to the vet etc. The soft one looks like luggage and if you have ever tried to pack a suitcase with your cat in the room you know what happens: the cat is in there before you can say "meow". The hard carrier on the other hand always means a fight. The hard one is more sturdy and also required for flying.

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