Carriers: Hard or Soft?

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Purred: Thu Aug 31, '06 5:30pm PST 
I have always used a hard carrier. When I go anywhere in my car I always seatbelt the carrier in, and it is a good thing I do. A few months ago I hit a deer on the expressway, if my cat was not belted in I'm sure she would have been hurt. I don't know if you could belt in a soft carrier. Just a thought.


Captain- Jack....Arrrg- matey!
Purred: Sat Sep 2, '06 10:07am PST 
Jack HATES the hard carrier. When I shut the metal door he freaks out and starts to claw at it causing nose/paw irritations and bleeding. I switched to the soft carrier to protect his little butt when he freaks out. Selene gets the hard carrier cause she couldn't give a fig. It just depends on the cat.

Lucky Boo,- Loved &- Missed

Mommy's Guardian- Angel

Purred: Sat Sep 2, '06 10:38am PST 
Couldn't agree more Captain Jack! Lucky Boo stays in a hard carrier; Sindri in a soft. Sindri has cut his nose on the gate of the hard carrier because he freaks out too, so that's why I got the soft one for him. And I can and do keep him belted in. I think most carriers these days have some way of being seat-belted in.

Furman- Dexter- 10/28/99-1/1- 2/15

Little Critter
Purred: Sun Sep 3, '06 4:53pm PST 
We have two Petmate 2 Door Deluxe carriers and two Petmate Petporter Jr. carriers. The 2 Door Deluxe carriers are great for cats that have a hard time being loaded because it has a top door, we can just be lowered in with no problems. My mommy covered to top door with felt and cut a hole for the handle, though, so we feel more secure when we go out in it and don't feel so exposed to the elements.

Also, mom keeps our carriers out in the open even when we are not going anywhere, so we won't freak out when we see them come out. Sometimes she takes the doors off so we cant slam them and we just use them like beds. My sister Phoebe stayed in hers all summer becuase it was dark and cool in there!

We got our Petmates at Petsmart!


Bentley - the luxury cat
Purred: Tue Sep 12, '06 8:17am PST 
we have a hard carrier, and i have no preference for whether the carrier is hard or soft. i just don't like to be in one of any kind. i like to be free, but my mom won't let us go free in the car in case something happens. we get in the carrier and the carrier is buckled in. do you guys get buckled in, too? does this really protect us or is mom just being overprotective?


To Err Is- Feline But It- Feels Devine!
Purred: Sat Sep 16, '06 10:59pm PST 
Hello.. I think soft carriers are better since they're comfy. Mom got me a hard carrier and it felt like a prison cell frown I have one pink tote bag that's soft and another blue one that mom used when we travelled from China to the USA and it was squishable under her seat the whole flight. My brother has a nice blue bag as well. All our carriers are soft :0)


Molly ~ Meow!
Purred: Mon Sep 18, '06 8:54am PST 
I have a soft carrier from Petco called "Fashion Pet Travel Gear." My furmommy and I like it a lot, it even has a rigid bottom. The only issue is that I can get out of it easily by jamming my head up against the zipper, even if my collar or harness is clipped to the leash inside, so mommy has to clip the top zipper shut very intricately with twist-ties.

It's the small size though. I think I would be happier in the bigger size since I grew after we got the carrier. smile

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Sneakers, I- miss you

Got Milk?
Purred: Wed Sep 20, '06 7:33pm PST 
We prefer hard carries for several reasons...
One, soft carriers are more unbalanced and kitties who try to move back and forth in the while they are being carried feel very unsupported/unstable.
Two, soft carriers tend to collapse on kitties heads.
Three, they seem more difficult to carry heavy kitties like me.
Four, they do not come in as large sizes as the hard-sided carries do (or at least we can't find any...)
Five, the soft-sided carriers are very hard to clean thoroughly.

The best thing about my hard-sided plastic carrier is that it has wheels. I am a big heavy kitty and the wheels are great because it means that they don't always have to lift the carrier to move it, sometimes they can just roll it. Unfortunately the handle to pull it broke so they can't roll it all the time... (been trying to think of a way to make a replacement handle, but no luck so far!)


I Am Soooo Cute!
Purred: Thu Sep 21, '06 12:11pm PST 
We had to fly from Midway in Chicago to Savannah GA last month. Terrible, by the way. But they only let us use a SOFT carrier to be considered carry-on luggage. I fit right under the seat at mom's feet!


Zenmaster Tito
Purred: Sat Sep 23, '06 1:16pm PST 
The soft carrier I had was a nightmare for my human(sorry, I don't know the brand, since it is long gone now). I got if for a plane ride, so that I could ride in the cabin, too. HAHA, I figured out how to slide my foot in and open the zipper. I am quite clever, obviously the designers of that bag did not realize that we are such intelligent creatures. So, first the foot, until the zipper opened enough to fit my head through. My human had to hold her foot down on the opening for the whole plane ride, so that I wouldn't escape. I cried the whole plane ride too, just to make it more fun! It was even funnier when we were in the airport, and she had to try to keep the carrier closed, while manhandling all her luggage. If you love to give your humans a hard time, go with the soft carrier. My next plane ride was spent in the cargo section, I didn't really like that either- I missed my opportunity to disrupt a whole planeful of people, and worry mommy sick- but at least there were no worries about my getting out and lost or hurt in the airport or on the plane.

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